Welcome to the White Library

Greetings fellow Realmer or perhaps a Weisslander, a citizen from Ahm-Shere or any other traveller who has entered the great White Library of the White City in the Capital County of our glorious Realm!

This sacred place is meant for:

  • Storage - Alll of our collected Lores from throughout our world will be collected here - free to be read by interested visitors. We have everything - from the Elder Lore and the Encyclopaedia to texts on the White War and lores from Weissland.
  • Easy searching - The Library's primary goal is to be an easy and comfortable way for Realmers and other visitors to find exactly the text, story, picture or description they neeed.
  • Reading and study - Easy-to-read fonts and layouts as well as comfortable surroundings make for a great place to imerse yourself within the great works of authors from our own and our neighbouring kingdoms.
  • Updated regularily - Additionally, our librarians, under the strict supervision by the Loremaster plan to update the library's collection of texts as new lores are written or discovered.

Enjoy the White Library, dear visitor and remember to keep your voice down.

Your sincerely,

Stan, Head Librarian

P.S. Those who want to be Librarians, need only click here

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