Charred Marble

The Chronicles "Charred Marble" (Also known as "the Arpigian Stories") are a collection of stories, dialogues and descriptions from the events during and just after the White War between the White Realm and Weissland. The stories span several different plots and storylines and cover any major development in the White War, the Shiverland Crusade, the war with the Defiled Kingdom, the Cleansing of the Serpent Clan, the Dark Council and many, many more.

The scholars and lore-writers of the White Realm, Weissland and Ahm-Shere have worked together to form this impressive piece of work, containing information on countless characters, locations, events and battles.



White War

Following stories and plots take place during the White War between the White Realm and Weissland

The White Realm


  • not finished


The Shiverland Crusade

Following stories and plots describe the start and execution of the Shiverland Crusade

Cleansing of the Serpent Clan

Following stories and plots describe the Dragon Battalion's audacious attempts at taking down the Serpent Clan right after the White War

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