Dragon Battalion

A short description of the Battalion and its involvement in the White Realm

There are many things about Lord Sunnycool that are completely unknown to the vast majority of the people of the White Realm. Most of these things regard the Lord’s mysterious past. A story, that only Pezza and a few other Realmers know (Ariakas not included) regards Sunny’s involvement in an organization known as the Dragon Battalion.

Stanislav used to live in another kingdom, in another continent than the one containing Weissland, Ahm-Shere etc. He joined an independent military faction, named the Dragon Battalion in these foreign lands. Within the Battalion Stanislav quickly established the nickname Sunnycool and the young warrior rose quickly within the ranks of the organization. The Dragon Battalion was essentially a mercenary organization, but a very specialized one – handling very tough situations for very high profit. They called their area of expertise “Black Operations” or “Special Operations”. These “ops” included: infiltration, protection, information gathering, ambushing and many more. The members were known as Dragons – skilled, stealthy and lethal.

What set the Battalion apart from other mercenary groups was that it was well-structured and that its men got the job done – every time. The Battalion also had a code of honour and profit was not the Dragons’ only goal. They also sought for adventure, challenges and personal glory. This meant that those who hired Dragons for a mission could trust that the Dragons would not betray their customer if they were offered more money to do so.

A reputation of trustworthiness, efficiency and courage made the Battalion wealthy and its size grew. At its peak, when Sunnycool was part of it, the Battalion counted over one thousand Dragons – divided in different chapters called “platoons”. One of these platoons was named Xi and was the platoon, which Sunnycool eventually became the leader of.

Being disappointed in the kingdom’s politics and leadership, Sunny eventually abandoned the life as a sell-sword and gathered some of his fellow friends who also wanted to escape the corruption and civil unrests in the kingdom. Some of these friends were also former Dragons. Sunny travelled to our continent and eventually settled in present White City. He established the White Realm, became its Lord and began working on making this Realm strong, peaceful and big.

As the Realm grew, the Lord invited his old friend Pezza to move to the White Realm too. Pezza had become the leader of the Dragon Battalion and accepted Sunny’s offer – seeking new adventures and challenges. With him, Pezza brought the Dragon Battalion as well and he made sure that the Battalion kept its autonomy and both he and the Lord agreed that the Battalion would not be a part of the growing White Army.

Instead, the Lord would be able to make use of the Battalion’s skilled “operatives” whenever needed (payment still required naturally). Having such independent factions play a major role in White Realm military dealings would not be received well, the Lord judged, and therefore the Dragon Battalion was kept completely secret – with only very few select Realmers knowing even of its existence, yet alone its involvement in White Realm affairs.

The Battalion established a headquarters in the Pointy Ridges, Zealous County and although they were officially independent, the Dragons became very loyal to Lord Sunnycool. The Battalion became a very useful weapon to the Lord, as he could use them for dangerous or controversial missions without fear for failure or political complications. These Black Ops were not always “gentle” and distancing the Realm from some of them was indeed useful.

As time passed, Pezza became an influential figure in White Realm politics, being a prominent figure in the White Counsil and the Southern County as well as being Lord Sunnycool’s close friend. He decided that he could not remain an efficient leader of the Dragon Battalion, so he resigned from his post of the secret organization and a new leader was chosen. Fenix was his name and both Pezza and Sunny agreed that he was suited for the job.

Fenix quickly found the “loyalty” to the White Realm too binding and it was not brining much profit to the organization. Fenix wanted the Battalion to be truly independent, but he feared that Pezza and those loyal to the King of Photoshop would remove him from his leadership if he openly cut the ties with the Realm.

Instead he used his personal Alpha squad to gain contracts from various clients throughout Zealous County under the cover of a then non-existing mercenary group called the Serpent Clan. Many Dragons from the other squads became suspicious of Alpha’s actions, but Fenix assured them that they were working on a secret mission, ordered by Pezza himself.

A few suspicious Dragons from Omega Squad shadowed a team of Alpha Dragons on one occasion and witnessed a murder of an officer from Branalbinn’s Guard. They secretly reported this to Pezza, who could not believe that these Alpha Dragons had gone rogue. Pezza visited the secret stronghold in the Pointy Ridges to discuss the matters with Fenix, but when Pezza pushed on for the truth, some Alphas attempted to assassinate Pezza. Thanks to an Omega Dragon named Kitty, Pezza survived the assassination attempt. He was furious with Fenix’ treachery and so was Lord Sunnycool when he heard about it. If the Battalion went rogue as a whole, the Lord would be in big trouble. His secret relationship with the Battalion would be exposed and he knew most White Counsil members would not like to know that they have been kept in the dark. Pezza ensured the Lord that he would solve this problem before things got out of control.

The assassination attempt created internal havoc within the Battalion. Some Dragons wanted to stay loyal to the Realm (and Pezza) and follow the code of honour, while Fenix’ supporters had had enough of being Lord Sunnycool’s pets and wanted to go back to their truly independent days. In the end, Fenix and those loyal to him abandoned the Dragon Battalion and established the Serpent Clan – a renegade faction, keeping only few of the Battalion’s values.

The Dragon Battalion now consisted of about 500 Dragons, who had remained loyal to their roots, Pezza and Lord Sunnycool. Pezza visited this remnant and had confidence that these men and women would not betray him. Declaring “war” on the Serpent Clan, Pezza appointed his old friend Ash as the new Dragon Battalion Leader. Ash and Pezza had been friends in a long time, even though Ash had always been unwillingly in the shadow of the great Pezza.

The current Dragon Battalion consists of true, loyal Dragons, who have kept the sense of honour above desire for profit. The “remaining” Battalion is much smaller than its old self, yet the Lord judges that this is not necessarily a bad thing – the smaller it was – the easier it would be to remain secret.

Even though things had been close to a catastrophe, the Lord did not tell the Counsil about the Battalion, deciding to let the Dragons remain as his secret organization to accomplish the toughest of tasks in the future. It is important to note that the Battalion is not a standard mercenary group. Their only client is Lord Sunnycool (and at occasions Pezza) as almost no one else knows of their existence. The payment offered by the Lord is very generous, however, and the Dragons are satisfied with it – even though this loyalty limits them somewhat.

The Battalion now consists of five squads (designation changed to “squads” from “platoons”), tasked with different campaigns, even though the Battalion still functions as a whole:

Gamma Squad – Tasked mainly with the defences of the secret stronghold, although they are also used for a variety of missions. Their focus area is the Zealous County. Leader: Odo Kingsley

Epsilon Squad – Tasked with locating Serpent Clan controlled locations and arresting/killing members of the Serpent Clan. Leader: Amanda of Farriah

Xi Squad – Tasked with locating Serpent Clan controlled locations and arresting/killing members of the Serpent Clan. Additionally Xi is putting extra effort into finding Fenix and his top officers. Leader: Felix Felo

Zeta Squad - Tasked with locating and exterminating Necromancers in the White Realm, Shiverland currently excluded. Leader: Kevin the Young

Omega Squad – Consisting of some of the most elite Dragons, this squad is led by the Battalion leader himself – Ash. Their tasks vary, but their current mission is to locate and take down eventual traitors (focus on the White War). Until recently they hunted Weissland informants in the Realm, although they have now shifted to hunting down Defiled Kingdom informants as well as potential threats from and in Weissland.

All Dragon Operatives are highly skilled and usually prefer lethal, stealthy precision strikes to brutal assaults as a manner to approach mission objectives. They are experts at espionage and are brilliant at blending within an environment – whether that is a forest or a city’s population. They are not overzealous towards the idea of the White Realm, but respect the kingdom in which they reside. They feel a great loyalty towards Pezza – so high that they may sometimes question a Squad or Battalion leader’s orders, if Pezza’s opinion differs.

Generally, Pezza keeps himself involved with Battalion business, making sure they stay on the rails and remain loyal to the Realm and Lord Sunnycool. This external influence annoys some Dragons, although they still respect Pezza’s authority. Recently, Pezza has been extra careful and had informants within all squads, as he wants to prevent the Dragon Battalion from shifting sides during the war.

The general enemies of the Battalion are the Serpents from the Serpent Clan. Two Dragon squads are tasked with taking them down, which is far from easy. The Clan is not as secret as the Battalion; they are an infamous mercenary organization throughout the whole Realm. They have recruited heavily, promising wealth, adventures and comfort and yet their bases remain hidden. Fenix is a cunning leader, but his mercenaries have much less honour than the Dragons. They believe in getting the job done – no matter the collateral damage.

Hiring the Clan is often as difficult as joining their ranks, as the Clan keeps very secretive. They are known and feared, but hard to conact.
They keep contact persons in all the major cities of the Realm and gain most of their profit from “returning customers”, the Dragon Battalion intelligence unit assumes. Who these returning customers are is uncertain, although the clients of the Clan range from private persons and small criminal leaders to leaders of entire countries.

Additionally, a part of the White Army is also tasked with finding the Serpent Clan, although they work independently from the Dragon Battalion and generally with much less success.
It is estimated that the Serpent Clan is about 3000 men strong, although the average skill level is bellow that of the average Dragon’s.

A special unit within the Clan is known as the “Poisonous Tongue Team” (PTT) and they are Fenix’ elite bodyguard and used for the most difficult of missions. Most of PTT’s members are the former Alpha Dragons.


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