The Elder Lore

The Elder Lore (with the subtitle "the foundation of the White Realm") is the prologue chapter of the Encyclopaedia of the White Realm. This sacred piece of text tells the tale of the very first days, weeks and months in the history of the White Realm. There are however references to present facts about the Realm. The Elder Lore is the only real documentation on the creation of our glorious Realm and is written by distinguished lore writer Edmond Montilith.

The Elder Lore - The foundation of the White Realm

In the third year of the fifth age, a small company of men and women arrived at the wonderful fields of what we today call “The White City”.
The leader of these travellers was named Lord Sunnycool. For years he wandered around in kingdoms, empires, counties and war torn lands. He settled in some of these regions – for some time, but always the leaders of these kingdoms were not to the Lord’s liking. As he finally found a land, which he liked a lot, the brutal leader expelled the Lord and his men from his kingdom. Lord Sunnycool was tired of this search for a non-existing perfect place and decided to find an unclaimed land and settle in it.
He had an idea – a vision – a wish, that he wanted to create - to found a place where people could be free, do what they want, and still live in harmony with each other. Everyone would be welcome, as long as the Code of Honour was followed. Any Knight or Lady could have his or her opinion, and every single member of his community would have the right to take a part in the decision-makings. A friendly and still strong, long-lasting and big kingdom was his vision, which he longed to fulfil if given an opportunity.
For weeks the adventurers wandered and suddenly, arriving from the north, they saw a vast, beautiful and free land of peace, nature and true, untouched beauty.
“This shall be my own kingdom!” The Lord said, as he approached the very stone, which was the first stone used for the first structure in this new Kingdom.

The Lord and his few followers settled in the fertile planes of our days’ Capital County. On the 7th day of the 20th week, he planted his white banner in the fantastic land and claimed it his own – he called it The White Realm. The settlement of a great kingdom had begun.

He quickly ordered a small village to be risen near the Shining Stream (former name of the White River) and quite near the enormous mountains, which are known as the Mountains of Glory.
The Lord knew that without people, his realm would never prosper. An honourable knight as he was, he wrote letters to his most trusted noble friends, spread out across the whole of the world. He wrote to those he hoped would aid him in this construction of a righteous, just and glorious realm. The Lord’s plans were to make a large city, where about a dozen Knights could live with their people, and thus create a place to live, better than any of the places the Lord had visited on his long travels.

The settlement was harsh and difficult. Lord Sunnycool knew that he had to succeed where so dreadfully many others had failed. He was not discouraged however. As the city was built, Beasts attacked and killed, but the valiant men fought them back. A harsh winter struck the settlement, but even through that it survived. The Lord would not fail!
At a point he was about to give up – thinking that he was wasting lives for no reason in the world, but he was wrong, and he realized it himself. He would fight for his little Realm. He would fight until he couldn’t. His only hope was that other honourable men would arrive to help the construction of this Realm. For he could not do it alone – he would need a Council.

The correspondences with the friends of the Lord were fast however, thanks to the fast messengers, trusted by Lord Sunnycool. Surprised, the Lord read the replies to his messages about this “new Land”, and saw that many of his friends would arrive soon – to help with the foundation of this realm. Especially a Knight, called Branalbinn was interested in this idea and fast as the wind, his followers and himself rode to the White City, which was the name of the town, the Lord and his settlers had built.

As Branalbinn arrived, he had a meeting with the Lord in the White City’s finest house – the House of Honour. The two friends planned the future of the White Realm. The first maps were made, and the two honourable Knights decided that the White Realm would rise as one of the mightiest kingdoms in the world. Branalbinn certainly encouraged the Lord to aim higher than just a little city. The White Realm would prosper faster than anything before – with a lot of hard work, loyalty and friendship. Branalbinn settled in the White Realm as well, and the Realm’s borders now stretched to the Unknown Realms of Discovery, where Branalbinn had a great fortification built. Meanwhile, the White City grew in size and beauty, and quickly the House of Honour became a large castle – mighty as magnificent. Within it were the halls of the White Counsil, which became the White Realms heart.
A loyal friend as Branalbinn was, he spread the news about this new Realm faster than the fastest eagles of the Mountains of Glory. His powers of speech were incredible and within few weeks, he had brought a large number of interested Knights and Ladies. The Realm was indeed growing and becoming mightier and stronger with every second. The new Knights and Ladies became members of the White Counsil, and soon the ideas about a wonderful land – where everyone had rights and opinions became realized. The Lord could not hide his surprised face. He had never dreamed of such prosper, power and loyalty by his Knights and Ladies. The growth of the Realm was almost unbelievable fast. Soon castles, forts and cities were raised all around the Realm we know today. Every new member of the Counsil brought new ideas and new power to the White Realm and the White Counsil. With the arrival and behaviour of Loremaster Ariakas the Order and Castle of Mjolnir were founded. With the arrival of Punkprincess Louise, the Pillar of Punk rose in the Southern Realm, and the Fortress of the Force came with AlexH and this way The Realm grew large, strong and loved.

The first many months of hard work to establish and uphold the Realm were over – the many years to keep it growing, to keep it strong, and to keep its members together as one were about to begin. For the members of the White Counsil were strong, friendly and with honourable, big hearts. They were as brothers and sisters, and they fought for each other!

The influence it had on other lands became stronger, and it became more known. New knights arrived, and the White City had risen to a mighty capital from the little village, the Lord had founded.

With the castles, walls and fortifications rising around the vast White Realm, it was clear that the White Realmers would not give in to other nations. The Realm became a strong military power, with the White Army and various Knightly Orders to uphold the peace inside the Realm, and to keep the peace from the evil outside.

Wars did break out in the early days of the Realm, but swift reactions by its Knights and warriors saved it from such an early doom. Even an outbreak of disturbance from its insides did not stop the progress of the Realm. The cruel Lord Mordor made attempts to ruin it in an indirect way, but the Knights managed to banish him before any harm was done. Eventually he returned to the Realm, several months later, as Sir Dylan.

There were many obstacles in the way of the Realm in the first months, as I have mentioned in this lore – war being one of them. There was even a political conflict with another Kingdom. It was a land, which became our rival. We fought indirectly about strength, influence and fame, and eventually The White Realm won this battle (or competition), since it survived, while the White Council, as the rival-nation was called, fell after some time.

Apart from different struggles, there was only one way for The White Realm and the White Counsil – and that way was forward. New members, new structures, cities, lands and idea were coming with every day and as I am writing this Lore, in the times of the New Age, I feel that this Realm will still make great progress – may it never fail, and may we always stand as brothers, sisters and friends!

All hail the White Realm!

- Edmond Montilith, Elder Lore-writer of the White Counsil

Note: Real life author: Lord Sunnycool. The original publication of the Elder Lore can be found here

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