The Lay of Elegost Eruaphadion, A Short Introduction

“What do you suggest, sir?” queried Aerandir, breath short. He turned back, eyes wide with fatigue, at the settlement before them. “Do we stop, or go on?”
Elegost Eruaphadion, Banner Bearer for the Dragon Reborn, Wielder of a Heron Mark Blade, was tired. Very tired. His party had endured a forced march through the barren wastes of Ar, fighting off attacks from plucky predators and slipping their way out of a number of tricky situations. They were a man down as well, but Elegost tried to put that out of his mind.

“We camp here tonight. We shall be at the White City within the week,” Elegost replied, firmly. Though it was a long time since he had traversed these lands, he was confident that he could navigate back to the Lord’s domain.

  • * * * *

Elegost hadn’t always been such an important member of the Lord Dragon’s forces; nor had he long been with them. He spent much of his middle years wandering, after being literally forced to leave his position as an esteemed member of the Lord’s guard, after a ‘misunderstanding’ with a bounty hunter from Maga-Khan, who had promised to annihilate the White City, unless Elegost’s head was put into his hands.

It all started on a state visit; the Lord was visiting Villiath, and by chance the armies of Ahm-Shere were embattled with those of Maga-Khan; the fighting was intense, spreading into the passes of the Avalon Mountains. Elegost, eager to discover the reason behind such a battle, hastened out with a small group of soldiers from Villiath to investigate. It wasn’t long until they were embroiled within the melee; Elegost and the militia struggled to maintain their position, and two of the men died. Elegost and the remaining man of Villiath were taken hostage by the Maga-Khan, and hoisted away into the Mountains.

The Maga-Khan were fierce hosts, and treated their prisoners with utter contempt. Upon learning they were not from Ahm-Shere, but another place, a particularly brutal Cheif, Amir Dahn, demanded passage into the White Realm, and rights to fight with the Lord himself. Elegost flat out denied him, and to show that the chief was serious, he broke the neck of the other Villiath man with his bare hands. Elegost challenged the Barbarian himself, and defeated him. Amir vowed to destroy the White City unless he was given a rematch with Elegost. It was the last Elegost saw of him, for a long while. On a mission with one Andy, Elegost encountered the Chief oncemore, whilst on his return to the White City. He was pursued into the wastes of Ar, and there was given help by the Arian Barbarians to defeat Amir and his mercenaries. After paying off his debt to the Arians for a year or so, he ventured further North, into uncharted land. It was there that he joined the Dragon’s cause, and settled as the Duke of a small county.

  • * * * *

Elegost watched the red winter sun drop below the horizon wistfully. Soon, he would be watching that same sun in the White City.

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