The White City (Encyclopaedia chapter)

The first chapter of the Encyclopaedia of the White Realm contains a description about the very heart of the White Realm - the kingdom's capital - the White City.

The White City

The giant capital of the White Realm is in the Realm’s heart – the White City. This incredible city has hundreds of structures, towers and streets and in the middle of it is the White Council itself – inside the Lord of the Forums' castle – the House of Honour.

This marvellous castle is the most beautiful structure of the whole of The White Realm. Containing a countless amount of towers, rooms, wings and beautiful sights, this building is called by some – “The Marvel of the Realm”.

The House of Honour is vast indeed and the most protected place as well. Numerous of the best Warriors of the White City are standing guard day and night, outside the inner moat.
Inside, there are hundreds of the most precious warriors in the Realm – The Council Guards.

The quarters of the Lord are found in the main structure of the palace. The rooms are all wonderful with incredible art all over the place. From statutes and pictures to differently decorated floors and ceilings. You can see thousands of artefacts and valuable items shown forth to the visitors of the Lord.

Inside the House of Honour is the High Council’s Meeting Room, where the High Council Meetings find place and where some of the toughest decisions are made. This was the place that started the reaction to the Dylan war and it is here that the decisions of new Warriors of Mjolnir, Guardians of Branalbinn or simply Men of Honour are chosen.
Many see the High Council as the place where everything is decided, but even if many meetings are secret, they usually just guide the way to a meeting all People of the Counsil will participate.

In the core of the Castle, where the Lord of the Forum has his room, lies the great Sceptre of the Lord. It is with this magical artefact that the Lord rules and changes upon rules, and titles a much more.
He rarely uses it for great deeds without the consult of the People, but if action must be swiftly, then this Sceptre of Justice shall swing without mercy.

The White Tower is also located within the House of Honour and that is where Captain of the White Tower – Sir Locky commands and prepares for the defence of the White City.
It is also the home for the elite soldiers that have been promoted to Guards of the Council.

But even if the House of Honour is a castle of highest importance, it is absolutely not everything that is located in the fantastic city.

The Great Counsil City, as it is also called, contains many of the most important buildings of the whole Realm.
A very important place, which is interesting and essential to all people in The Realm is the Vast Market.
Here you can stand and listen to the Lord, who might ride out with an important message or meet some new friends while you help the new citizens to adapt to the White Realm.

The great Lounge is where Knights and Ladies of all ranks can discuss whatever they have in mind in a comfortable atmosphere with tea and beer to all.
The Vast Market also contains a special place where people of the Realm can ask and speak their mind about all according to our beloved Realm. This is where questions are answered and problems solved. An important place for new Rules of Behaviour and other discussions, which the High Council decides should be obeyed by the People.

The biggest library in the whole Realm is also located in this magnificent city. Giant shelves with the best works from authors from as well as outside the White Realm.
Many of the wise Knights meet here to read and discuss the different stories, novels, series and works.

Branalbinn’s guard also has a Tower in the White City where they meet and tell about the Unknown Realms of Discovery to the rest of the Knights and Ladies as well as all citizens that want to listen.

Many of the Houses and Castles outside the City have their own Houses of Representation.
In many of them People of the Realm can talk about different subjects with other Knights and Ladies as well as argument for their own opinions.
Some of these are: The House of the Joystick, The Library of Middle-Earth, The Wars of the Stars, The Hammer of War and many more.

Besides all the other houses, markets, squares and workshops, there is one Place almost all the People of the Realm has visited and that is very important – Pezza’s Workshop.
Here the talented King of Photoshop devotes his time to create banners, armours, shields and weapons to those who desire.
All that have ordered an object to him have returned from his Workshop with satisfaction and gratitude.

There is a special area of the White City that is devoted to nothing but war, tactics and army buildings as well as many discussions and even quarrels about the best soldiers.
This area is called “The Great Battle Square”, but by many citizens, not caring about the war – “The Bloody Square”.
This square is rectangular and there is a great Tower right in the middle of it.
Here – tales of battle are told as well as tales about new kind of soldiers. And in a very corner of this tower is the Room of Blood.
Here generals meet to plan battles and to argue about which side is best – good or evil. Usually, Knights go to their own “Army Room” afterwards to discuss strategies and tactics with fellow generals.
The Rooms are locked, and a magical spell stops any sound from leaving the room. No one knows what the enemy plans and no one knows what a plan they can make up.
These Rooms are filled with excitement and ideas and many of the Knights are interested in this new kind of Warfare, which the Captain of the White Tower, Locky and the Lieutenant of Morgul.
It is all covered in mystery and even the Lord of the Forums himself is not sure about all their ideas.

Last, but not least at all, there are the defences of the White City.

A vast wall surrounds the whole city and it is built of the purest white ore and stones – found in the Mountains of Glory.
The White Wall, as it is called is strong enough to withstand all but the most powerful bombardments of War Catapults and have never failed yet.
There are three gates in the Wall. One is to the South, another to the North and one more to the south-west which lets the River of Right to run through the City and out through a dug hole to the Mountains of Glory.
The River-gate to the south-east is very special, for it is used to allow merchant-ships to sail in and from the White City to allow an easier transport possibility.
The River-gate is well protected though and a strong wrought-iron gate will shut the city from enemies incoming by the river.

Many see the Gates to be a very weak point in the stronghold, but Captain Locky and Sir Apollo have always led the defences of the White City to victory.
Using crossbowmen, archers, trebuchets and courage the Walls and Gates have always been defended with greatest skill and the Honour the two Generals have earned is well deserved.
The core of the Defences is found in the White Tower, which is the tallest tower in the House of Honour.

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