Mountains Of Glory (Encyclopaedia chapter)

The second chapter of the Encyclopaedia describes the Mountains of Glory.

Chapter 2 – The Mountains of Glory

To the east of the White City, lay the most beautiful and the tallest mountain range in the whole of the Realm – the Mountains of Glory cover a big space and are standing as a giant stronghold to all evil that would try to attack the capital from the East.

The Mountains of Glory or Glories, as they are called in common sense by the locals, are enormous and none of them has been climbed.
But the Glories are far from just giant hills. These mountains contain a large concentration of gold, ore and most important – the highly valued crystal-ore.

The Mines of Glory were established by a relative small crowd of men who didn’t find the way of life in the big capital interesting enough. All of them were greedy of nature, but tough and wise as well. A group of such men formed a guild called The Glorians.

This group quickly expanded and as they gained a number high enough they left the White City and went on their quest of treasure-hunting.
The leader of the guild had by a chance noticed a gold vein in the Mountains of Glory and when the guild left the city they headed straight to that very place, the leader – Bulafamous had found.

Quickly the luck of the goldhunters showed off to be very fortunate and as the Glorians found more gold, many other men from all over the Realm joined them.
Soon, they made giant mines inside the Mountains and discovered a new metal. Bulafamous was called immediately and he decided to call the fair material Crystal-ore.

The crystal ore was not very useful for weapons or armour, but shined wonderful and was later used as decoration for tools of war, but only Knights and very wealthy People of the Realm could pay for the precious material.

Bulafamous started the trade with crystal ore, but he also wanted his own men to be a difference than the other humans of the White Realm, so he gave each of his miners, councillors, workers, blacksmiths and warriors a little amount of crystalore they could use to make amulets or decorations.

As the Glorians became stronger and wealthier, bandits were drawn by the mines of Crystal Ore and have since the discovery tried to steal as much as they could from the Glorians instead of working to get it.
A surprisingly amount of money and crystal ore was stolen and that made Bulafamous more than furious.
He quickly arranged for the construction of an enormous bastion known as the Gate of Glory, and cutting the Glorians further off from the rest of the Realm.

Many Glorians were also trained as Warriors of Glory to safe keep the fortress and the city within the Mountains of Glory as well as the valued mines themselves.

Bulafamous couldn’t be too careful, were his words when a great piece of materials and time were used for the new security of the Glories.

The construction made the People of the Realm angry as the treasured trade with the Glorians was more difficult and more expensive. Many of those loyal to Bulafamous still managed to trade with crystal ore, but even with the merchants, the Glorians now became very isolated from the Realm and lived their own life within the Mountains.

The Gates of Glory were attacked many times though and the attackers usually failed, since the brave defenders have always held almost all assults away.
One siege was almost fatal for the Glorians though. A large force of Beasts attacked the Gate and managed to batter the Gate itself, by the use of three battering rams at once.
A fierce combat was fought within the Gate of Glory and many brave Glorians failed. One of them was the leader Bulafamous, who fell in the last attempt to defend the Mines.

The Glorians were lucky that the White City was still loyal to the greedy guild, and before the Beastmen managed to kill all the inhabitants of the Mountains, a large force of Knights of The White City charged and slew all the Beasts. The Gates of Glory and the city within was pretty devastated by the Beasts, but a merchant had managed to ride to the White City and call for help.

Bulafamous was buried within the mines, and a new leader was pointed out as written in the guildmaster’s will. Alexander of the Force now commanded the Glorians, but even if the ultimate power was Alexander’s, he pointed out a vice-leader to take care of the Glories while Alexander visited the Mountains now and then.

Today – the Mountains of Glory are not as populated as before the Beast-assault, but the trade with precious stones and metals still keeps the Glorians alive.

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