Shiverland (Encyclopaedia chapter)

The sinsiter land of Shiverland is described in the fifth chapter of the Encyclopaedia. The county is tracherous and shrouded in shadow and death, yet still has some use to the White Realm.

Chapter 5 – Shiverland

Many wonder what lies beyound the Gate of Grief and why landscape, structures and people of this County are so different from the rest of the White Realm. Here comes a short description.

When members of the highly honoured White Counsil commit a crime towards the Counsil and the White Realm, these individuals are Banned from the White Counsil. Being very dishonourable, these persons never find rest in the righteous land of the White Realm. They are marked, so every righteous White Realmer can recognize one of these damned, criminal citizens. They are called "the banned". Being unable to find hospitality or friendliness at any home or service of the White Realm, these individual former Knights or Ladies are practically forced to leave the Realm.

After several Knights has been dismissed from their titles and banned, they either ended up wandering across the Realm as Rogues or they left it. Once there was a group of three such banned members, they were called together by a fourth. They were to stand together and stay in the Realm. They wanted to prove to the righteous men and women of the White Realm, that even if they were banned, they still possessed power! Using dark powers, unknown to the normal citizens of the Realm, these banned former heroes persuaded the natives of the barren, rocky land in the Northeastern part to become servants of these four! Gaining control of these wildmen, the banned knights used these natives to build strongholds, catacombs, dungeons and finally the Gate of Grief. There was only little population of White Realmers, who had settled in the harsh, cold land. They called it Shiverland, and only their presence made Shiverland a part of the Realm. They became however driven out by the Banned, and they settled directly outside the Gate of Grief, where they finally got some peace.

Since the times of the constriction of the Castle of Cruelty and the Gate of Grief, have the Banned lived an isolated, cold life - spending their time on studying the dark powers and arts of magic. New banned Knights were welcomed to the Shiverland, and soon the land beyond the Mountains of Malice and the Gate of Grief were barely considered a part of the White Realm. The arts of Necromancy were adopted by the Banned after a while, and they effectively tried to attack the eastern Counties of the Realm. The White Army responded quickly and there have been several brief wars before the walls of Grief as well as the Echoing River. The marsh and barren fields between the Gate of Grief and the Echoing River has since then been known as the Great Battleground, where old Forts of the Forces of Mjolnir lay in ruin, inhabited by vile creatures and lawless men.

The Shiverland County is a county of the Realm, but only officially. The Count lives in a small village outside the Gate of Grief, only because a Treaty allows the village to remain there. There are only few small settlements on the Great Battleground, which really count as a part of the White Realm, and while the Northern Shiverland has been quiet and not at war for quite a while, the Lord never knows where those treacherous dark Knights will strike again with the Banned's army of Undead, living in the Necrofields.

Although Shiverland is mainly source of the evilhearted Banned Knights, the county serves the Realm in a few ways.

Firstly, some of the wise men and Knights of the Realm might wish to study the Dark Arts, to learn their weaknesses and to know what exactly the White Army would be against, if facing a Necromancer's army. The only Arcane School of the Dark Arts, officially recognized and authorized by the White Counsil, lies at the foothills of the Mountains of Malice. It is risky to study the Dark Arts, because of its corruptive power, and admittance to the School is only given by the Lord himself.

Secondly, various mines are found in the Mountains of Malice, and while some transport their materials to the Banned in the Necrofields, other mines sell materials to the true White Realm. Most of these mines are private, and who they sell to is often determined by finding the biggest profit. Ore and Iron are the most important resources in these cold, barren Mountains.

Finally, the Northern County has some settlements that push up against the Shiverland County. Mining for resources and the rare ingredient of Nirnroot is the target of these Northern White Realmers. With no fortifications to protect these miners and Nirnroot-collectors of the western Foothills of the Mountain of Malice, the Northern County and the The White Counsil have agreed on creating a special regiment of tough soldiers, to safeguard the White Realmers from the dark creatures of the Mountains and of the Necrofields. This regiment is known as the Hammerton Company, is based in Hammerton City and led by the honourable Knight Chris (TDWIC). This force is sometimes sent on black operations in the Necrofields, and an elite special Unit called the Wolf Regiment, led by Fubarbundy, sometimes function as spies for the White Realm, when information about the Banned and the Necrofields is needed. They usually infiltrate the Necrofields by the Forest of Fright or by secret passages in the Mountains.

As a final note, the White Counsil has sometimes discussed to issue a crusade to the Necrofields, take over the Gate of Grief, take down the Undead Army, kill the Banned and destroy the Castle of Cruelty, so that the Shiverlands may yet again be true part of the White Realm. But of the closing conflict with Weissland, the White Counsil has dismissed the crusade-idea.

Additional Note: Dark Champions are the Undead Commanders of the Undead Army of Necrofields. There are 20 (originally 21) of them and they are intelligent, deadly and heavy armoured. Only one of the 21 has ever been killed, on a battle of the Echoing River. The Champion was killed by Loremaster Ariakas after a terrible duel. Armour of Undead Champions looks a bit different from this image, but quite alike.

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