Woods Of Wisdom (Encyclopaedia Chapter)

The third chapter of the Encyclopaedia describes the mysterious forest near the White City and the Wisdom Rampart.

Chapter 3 – The Woods of Wisdom and the Rampart

South of the Mountains of Glory and south-east to the Capital, a large forest covers the land. It is a mystical and very frightening in some way forest, but fair at the same time. Only the wisest and bravest of all Knights dare to set foot in the Woods of Wisdom though, and that is not without a reason.

The Woods of Wisdom is an enchanted forest which is so deep and so thick that only the smoothest of all creatures can inhabit between the countless trees.
All of the inhabitants – including Huntresses, Basilisks, Snake-men and Shadowfoxes are keeping their realm free of what they call “The people from the Outside”.

These inhabitants are never friendly and never friendly to intruders of their beloved woods. The forest is swirled in a mist of mystery and magic and very few unwished men have come alive out of the forest.

The place is still very beautiful despite all the danger, and there is an ancient lore, speaking about the Swamp of Wisdom deep within the jungle of these enormous trees.

Many adventurers, travellers and rangers have tried to locate and swim in the swamp, for the lore says that each man that does so will be gifted with an incredible wisdom- beyond borders!

None of these adventurers have come out of the forest – neither wiser nor braver. For the Woods are truly filled with dangers and many factors that can end the life of a traveller.

There is a single Knight though, who is rumoured to have found and used the Swamp – Sir Apollo. The lores and stories and rumours go about the incredible wisdom of this very Knight. And many find the rumours to be true as well – but most are terrified of these stories – the stories that the Knight can read your mind.

Sir Apollo has never said that he has found the Swamp of Wisdom, but he has neither said he has not. He is as mysterious as the Woods and creatures themselves.
To give the rumour tellers even more inspiration, Sir Apollo also has a rampart at the edge of the forest known as the Rampart of Wisdom, but also that structure is mysterious and not recommended by most travellers.

Sir Apollo is a trusted servant of the Lord though and he keeps most inside the White City, being second in command of the City’s defences and the leader of the Heavy Cavalry units as well…

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