Flashback #1

Branalbinn stood up at the end of the table. Silence conquered the long hall as he lifted his cup, filled with the wine that the merchants had brought them earlier that day. Even Angel and Campbell who had been deep in their own personal drinking song turned their faces to their leader.

"My dear friends," he called out. He was greeted with smiles and nods of acknowledgment. Branalbinn shared glances with HuggyFrog, Isaac, Alastor and Overlord Ubiquitous and smiled to them.

"Our efforts have given us fruitful progress. Last week we finally cleared all the land towards the mountains to the east, of the bandits and villains who have tormented the people of this realm for so long. At last, we now have peace!"

The men seated around the long table in the wooden hall raised their cups and cheered.

"I'll say to you, this is a proof for that, even though the ancient Realm of Purity never can be be rebuilt, a new nation and a new union of people will stride forth."

Once again the men cheered.

"Tomorrow the construction work of our settlement will begin for real. We will build a great city, that will rival the wonders of the Age of Purity."

The hall were filled with the men's voices of joy and success.

Branalbinn paused before he carried on. He lifted his arm in a greeting towards the end of the table. "And all this, above all else we owe it to our saviour out from these dark times. Our leader. Our lord."

"Hail Lord Sunnycool," he cried out.

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