Flashback #2

Dark clouds covered the sky as young Fizban squinted into the darkness of the storm. It was noon, but the visibility was as good as if it was night. The sea spray leaped into the air, and splashed over Fizban as he fell back from the railing. He almost fell over, such was the difficulty with keeping his balance. But at just the right moment he felt a sturdy arm grasp his shoulder.

“Easy now son,” his father spoke with a comforting voice. Fizban looked at his father, and smiled. Despite the sailors’, and even the rough captain’s, seemingly fear as they worked like madmen against the powers of the sea his father was as calm as ever.

“You should stay away from the railing son,” his father spoke again, with a calm voice. It was a wonder Fizban could actually hear him without a problem, but that should be because of the authority which his father spoke with. “You might be in the way of the sailors, and they might not be happy about it.”

Fizban’s father led his son to the rear of the ship where the third passenger, a pale man who seemed angry all the time. He had not spoken to Fizban during the journey from Weissland at all, and the one time his father had tried a conversation it had seemed like the man was inches away from jumping on both of them. Even now as the terror of the sea shook the ship, the man’s stressed face jumped into anger as Fizban and his father returned to their place beside him.

Fizban looked into the darkness for a while, listening to howling wind, before he spoke to his father. “How long is this journey father,” he asked.

“It’s a few days with a sturdy wind when you have good wind Fizban,” his father answered. “Mind you, this is not good wind.” He laughed as he fingered with his wet, brown cloak.

“You ever travelled here?” Fizban asked.

It was a while before his father answered, he seemed to be remembering something. “Yes, and I’m too young to remember anything big about it. My father travelled here a lot though.”

“Granddad? Was it part of his trade?”

The smile of Fizban’s father seemed sarcastic somehow, “Yes… part of his trade.”

As Fizban once again fell back into his thoughts he wondered if he was ever going to see fair Weissland again. Weissland was a huge realm, and there was so many places there he still had not seen yet. Someday, he wanted to see the whole world. That was his goal. To see the world, he smiled.

Then a voice cried from above through the storm. “Land! Land sighted. Mountains to the north!”

Then, as a few sailors stormed to the front of the ship together with the muscular captain another voice cried out. “Watch out! Rocks forward”

Then a huge crashing sounded erupted, and Fizban was tossed forward. The front of the ship seemed to crack apart in splinters, and after a few seconds of complete chaos where Fizban tried to catch something to hold on to he finally tumbled into the darkness of the sea.

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