Flashback #3

On the long-streched training grounds the action was all up and running. Hewer was sparring with Branalbinn. Hewer was maybe one of the best amongst the old youngsters, and most of the other recruits he often simply played with. Therefore he challenged veteran soldiers like Branalbinn, HuggyFrog and other master fencers as often as he could.
Alastor has once said that Hewer had a large potential, and would become one of the best fencers in the armies of the White Realm if he only trained often enough. That day Hewer had beaten both Alastor and Isaac at the same time. He had been not been asked to join the Branalbinn’s Guard despite his friendship with so many of its members, but he did not care. His true goal was the Honour Guard under the leadership of Arteman Galerick.

After a while Branalbinn lowered his training-sword and laughed, “You sure are improving your skills Hewer. Maybe it’s time you spent some of you life outside the training fields. I can’t remember ever seeing you with a girl. Although I did dream it once, it was quite absurd.”

Hewer laughed back, turned around and put his own training-sword together with the rest of them at one side of the training grounds.

“I thought you have said that mocking is disallowed on the training fields,” he answered.

Branalbinn grinned as he responded,”That’s until you learn how to use it.”

At that time a third voice suddenly interrupted their joyful conversation.

“If I were you captain, I would not have used a sword either until I had learned how to use it.”

Hewer was shocked, who would dare say something like that to the Captain of the Northern Guard. Branalbinn turned surprised around.
In the opening of the training grounds stood a tall figured dressed in a long, flowing cloak. At his side he carried a long sword. He had flowing, long black hair reaching his shoulders, and powerful, brown eyes.

“And who might you be”, Branalbinn asked with interest in his voice.

“Just like everyone around here, a simply recruit. A man wishing to serve in the promising armies of Lord Sunnycool of the White Realm. But when I’ve finally gotten here I’m surprised.”

“And you’re point is?” Branalbinn asked again.

“To advance more quickly in ranks I begin with grabbing the attention of you, Captain”, the stranger grinned.

Branalbinn smiled to the stranger, he seemed to be amused. But then another joined in the conversation. “Then I challenge you then “swordmaster” to a duel to see if you are worthy to “advance in ranks more quickly”,” HuggyFrog spoke as he stepped forth from the crowd.

“I would be glad to,” the stranger smiled.

HuggyFrog drew two training swords and threw one to the stranger. The stranger dropped his cloak, and gave his own sword to Hewer.

“If you’re not here when I’m done with this lad I’ll kill you boy,” he said to Hewer with an harsh voice. But somehow, which Hewer thought was even more frightening, there seemed be a humours smiled on the lips of the stranger. Like he chuckled inside himself.

HuggyFrog swung the training sword through the air as he watched his opponent. Whispers of admiration flowed through the now growing crowd of young recruits and older soldiers. HuggyFrog was one of the best. He had a sharp wit, calm mind, a good insight in the arts of diplomacy and arts… but he was also a respected fighter.

As the stranger seemed to test the weight and balance of his sword HuggyFrog suddenly sprinted towards him. He leaped into the air and forced his opponent backwards with a flurry of blows and strikes. The crowd moved out of the way as the combatants danced backwards. Nevertheless the stranger parried HuggyFrog’s sword skilfully. And soon the momentum of HugguFrog’s stunning attack had slowed down and the blows, strikes and parries were dealt at a slower rate.

Both fencers circled around, eying their opponents. They looked for an opening, studied the way they gripped their blades. Time and again, completely suddenly, one of them broke into a storming attack. Then they almost moved to fast for the crowd to watch. At one time the stranger forced HuggFrog up against the walls, and the high-ranking member of Branalbinn’s Guard was inched away of getting a slamming hit in the head. People cheered as HuggyFrog closed on his opponent, but they were silent the many times the stranger forced HuggyFrog backwards.

Suddenly the stranger gasped for air and stepped backwards, breathing heavily.

“Giving up now? You did not last long.” HuggyFrog said, mocking his adversary.

“Just like your sister after I had her,” the stranger responded quickly.

HuggyFrog screamed out in anger and launched himself against the man who suddenly ducked to the right, and caught the legs of HuggyFrog with his left feet. Suddenly HuggyFrog found himself sprawled out on the ground, with his opponent’s sword against his throat. Silence conquered the entire training grounds.

The stranger smiled to HuggyFrog before speaking slowly, “I was joking.” Then he removed his sword, threw it on the ground and gave his hand to HuggyFrog who accepted it. As HuggyFrog was pulled up, cheers and applauding of admiration of the skilful swordplay showed by this stranger filled the grounds.

“You sure had me many times there,” HuggyFrog bowed to the man.

Branalbinn looked at Hewer a split second, “As I have said earlier Hewer, wait with the mocking dialogue until you really know how to use it.” Then he walked to the stranger and congratulated him.

“I would like to introduce you to my lord,” Branalbinn said. “But what name honours a man like you?”

The stranger grinned once again; he seemed to be doing that a lot. “Call me Locky.

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