Flashback #6

Lord Sunnycool sat in one of the chairs by the table where the game of “Kings and Knights” was being played. He reached forward and moved one of the pieces, one of the larger rocks representing a gorgun. He moved it forward to a threatening position on the enemy’s right flank. Then he sank back in his comfortable chair and sipped from his wine glass. He eyed his opponent over the edge of the glass and smiled.

“Are you unsure on your next move now Pez?” he smirked, as in friendly mocking.

The man on the other side was dressed in a flashy and colourful style. He rested both his feet at a small pile of pillows. His cloak was unslung across the elaborate chair he was seated in. He had been studying the gaming table intently as the Lord of the Realm spoke. Then he looked up and laughed.

“Why do you say that?” he asked.

“You have always been quick in your moves. You said movement in “Kings and Knight” is akin to the way you paint your paintings. Quick, short but precise movements,” the Lord was about to drink from his glass again but found it empty. He took a casket of wine and filled both his and Pezza’s glass.

“Yeah, well,” Pezza spoke as his eyes returned to the small field of battle again, “I experienced a complete defeat against Alastor Bantor earlier this week. The man is way to unorthodox in his playing style. Ariakas, who was watching the game, commented I should maybe look up from the paper as I painted since the true item I might be painting might not always stay the same.”

Lord Sunnycool smiled, “Sounds like an advise from the man.”

Pezza moved his hand towards towards his thick line of strong infantry in the centre but then withdrew his hand. “It seems like you listens a lot to him at least, despite his presence here at your court still being quite in its youth.”

The Lord of the White Realm only nodded. He watched the large sandglass in the middle of the hall. It was getting late. He could see Angel and Isaac, two members of Branalbinn's Guard, standing at the entrance to the long hall. They were to give their reports from Branalbinn, but they would have to wait.

“I need you to go somewhere for me Pezza,” he said.

“Don’t worry, I will make my move soon enough. You should be patient, compared to me Ubiquitous uses days, and Apollo Galerick possibly even more.”

“Not in the game,” the Lord said. Pezza looked up.

“Peace is settling in the south," the Lord spoke.

“The south? What conflict are you speaking of?” Pezza asked with confused voice.

“The civil war in Weissland is ending,” the Lord looked at his once again empty glass.

“Oh… that south,” Pezza finally reached forward towards the gaming table. He moved a group of snortans to reinforce his right flank.

“As an ambassador you are one of the people I trust above all else Pezza,” Lord Sunnycool spoke as he moved his gorgon once more threateningly forward.

“Who is the new ruler,” Pezza asked.

“Lathaon Thaendil.”

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