Flashback #5

Fubarbundy bent down to the body. Lars had met a quick end; his neck had almost been fully severed. Fubarbundy touched his dead comrade’s face and rubbed off dust and blood before closing the now lifeless eyes. Then he felt a hand at his shoulder. It was not a hand that wanted to give comfort to Fubarbundy, but a hand that demanded that he rose up and turn around. Fubarbundy did as the hand told him and stood up, looking into the face of Thargrim. Thargrim had a scar across his cheek, his face was serious.

“The Captain wants us to move on,” Thargrim said with a deep voice.

“The Captain always wants us to move on,” Fubarbundy responded dryly. Then he walked past Thargrim.

“Are you alright,” Thargrim asked, with a careful tone in his voice.

Fubarbundy did not answer, but instead he stopped and looked around himself. The area was littered with corpses of the beasts. The air was stinking, but Fubarbundy breathed in the smell like any other man would breathe in the good smell of a flower.
Five dead members of the Wolf Company lay on the ground. Lars was the only one whom Fubarbundy thought had met a good enough end. Bjarn had died even before the real fighting had begun. Fubarbundy could have predicted that.

Fubarbundy bent down to Bjarn’s corpse and picked up the battleaxe. Fubarbundy’s own axe had shattered when he had smashed it against the head of that iron-clad minotaur. Still the creature had not died, but Fubarbundy had eventually brought it down with his bare hands. He looked at them and sniffed in the smell of blood. It was arousing, much like the feeling Fubarbundy felt before a battle.

Dark, heavy clouds were gathering in the sky. Fubarbundy felt like the shadows of the trees were growing larger each minute. It was soon going to rain. Fubarbundy cleaned his new axe with some cloth which he took from Bjarn. The man was not going to need it.

A rider suddenly appeared from behind a tree. He wore a long wolf pelt as a cloak. “What are you two waiting for? The Wolf Company will be riding south as soon as possibly. The battle is over, and we need to move on to find more of the enemy that managed to get around us.”

Then, without waiting for answers, the rider turned his horse and rode back as he cried again, “Get moving boys. You’re in the Wolf Company now.”

Fubarbundy took the reins of his own horse and was about to follow as Thargrim spoke again.

“I mean,” he said, “You and Lars was quite close.”

Fubarbundy turned and looked at Thargrim. He chuckled, and Thargrim looked uneasy with his response.

“Have you not heard it Thargrim? Get moving. You’re in the Wolf Company now.”

With that, as the rain began splattering on the ground, Fubarbundy led his horse to where the rest of the Company were waiting for them. He still chuckled.

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