History Of The White Counsil

This short text was, together with the Medals what started the For Honour and Glory phenomenon. Biggest contribution has been made by Ariakas, while Lord Sunnycool helped a little. This is sacred and will be forever remembered.

The History of the White Realm/Counsil:

27-March 2005 Lord Sunnycool forges The White Counsil (with s) By building the Great Counsil City.
Branalbinncaptainofthenorth, babygurl, HuggyFrog, Sun Fuling, Ariakas, Murazor and Harry TheBear are the first members and begin to expand the Counsil with more bildings and structure. Starts with the Hall of UROD where Branalbinn's guard is seated.

28-March 2005 Mordor invades The White Counsil under the disguise of a false loyal member of the Counsil. The Gate lets him in. jim-bob-25, SpAcEJaCk, Josh, CAMPBELL IS COOL!!!, Overlord Ubiquitous, Simen, King of Gondor, Manwë and locky12 joins the well-growing White Counsil

29-March 2005 *Rabble!*, Lieutenant of Morgul and Quasar joins the White Counsil.
The rumour get's out that the UROD-team is leaving the city and making betrayal to the whole Counsil. The whole thing is just some false alarm shame to the Lord. They'e are not leaving, only "conquering" new cities for the expansion of Unknown Realms of Discovery.

C. 30-March 2005 Ariakas is promoted to the first Warrior of Mjolnir for Valour in combat, for great behavior and loyality.

31-March 2005 The Weekly Update is created. The Lord makes a magical message to inform all members of the Counsil about different things.

3-April 2005 Pezza (the King of Photoshop), Morgul_Lord_of_Angmar and Kai Koro joins the White Counsil

14-April 2005 Nofreakinclue joins the White Counsil as the 2nd Lady of the Forums.

18-April 2005 First hostillity created by the traitor Mordor. The Dylan War starts. The White Army creates a fast assault and the traitor has many rights removed as well as his honour.
General hatred against Mordor.

19-April 2005 Ranger of Ithilien and XoV AGL joins the White Counsil

20-April 2005 Chocollo joins the White Counsil as the very 3rd Lady.

27-April 2005 1 Month Anniversary
LAE671 and TheProfessor joins the White Counsil
Pennishead and Angel get bannished. The White Army was stabbed in the back. Slow reaction time by the Army caused trouble and many crimes where made in the cover of darkness.
The White Army manages to destroy this threat. Overlord Ubiquitous was the first on the scene, and held the front desperately against the advancing hordes. But his efforts were overlooked, and Branalbinn stole all his glory.
Branalbinn becomes High Counsilor of the Lord due to the Angel-battle.

1-May 2005 Faust joins the White Counsil (Ariakas asked him to!!!)

2-May 2005 Foundation of Pezza's Workshop

3-May 2005 c4t gurl joins the White Counsil

5-May 2005 dark lord jamzi 2005 joins the White Counsil

7-May 2005 Mordor get's bannished from The White Counsil for many crimes. Civill War threatens The White Counsil, but a fast battle created by The White Army and a special organization - BDWS. The battle is won.
End of "Dylan-War". For more information about Dylan’s banishment read Appendix A.
Happiness fills The White Counsil
Lieutenant of Morgul becomes Warrior of Mjolnir. Ariakas is promoted to Commander of the Warriors of Mjolnir.

13-May 2005 This is a Friday.
S.K.O.D.A joins the White Counsil.

14-May 2005 The UROD-building in the City gets further expanded and the members of the Counsil gain interest as the release of a new invention gets closer. Especially the Lord and the Commander of Mjolnir are excited.

15-May 2005 The Lord announces the very first Medals of the White Counsil.

16-May 2005 Elfhelm joins the forum. An Harad & Rohan fan.

18-May 2005 re-maxi joins The White Counsil and ends the Era of Dust where no active emembers joined the community. A new Era of Evoloution begins as many active members join the proud realsm of TWC.

20-May 2005 Fubarbundy joins TWC and brings new life to the 40k structures.

23-May 2005 madbull_adam joins The Counsil and a new order is created - The Order of the Joypad. The order patrols the Video Games building.

24-May 2005 Eomer joins The White Counsil and turns out to be a very good member, even though he came from the hostile land of The White Council with C. Eomer is 13 years old at the point and hails from New Zealand. He got a warm welcome nonetheless.
Nighty from Holland joins, but turns out to be non-active

2-June 2005 hobbitman joins

4-June 2005 After some big discussions has it been agreed to expand the realms of our Counsil. New buildings and grounds are built as the idea of long diostance battles has been accepted. General James and Locky will work on a new way to fight battles and we are all waiting excited.
The new secret buoildings serve as head-quarters for the different armies and great life fills them from the beggining.
We are all waiting for the test-battle at long distances.

5-June 2005 A great discussion goes on about Gondor and Mordor in the lands of Middle-Earth. Lord Sunnycool and Ariakas are argumenting for each side as well as other members and it turned out to be a very cool discussion.

6-June 2005 AlexH, Dwarven General and Jedi Master joins the noble forums and turns out to be a very active member. He was recruited from the GW community by the Lieutenant of Morgul. He applies to become a Officer (mod), but his request was later declined, although he can work forward to have big chances when the population reaches 100 memebrs.

7-June 2005 the-east joins as well as the new Joypad Order-member Giga Phil. New life to the Video Games section
The Lord scouts some loose of activity in the UROD-buildings after a great session where the builidings popped with life right after the Dylan War. A sad thing, but hopes are that UROD will return soon.

9-June 2005 BountyHunter joins after he was used as spy in a realm of Guardians of High Charity to advert for TWC over there - no luck though.

13-June 2005 Nolofinwe joins the community as well as madrat. None of them are being very active in the beginning, but Noloifinwe shows chances of return. Mardat later improves and get’s much more active.

15-June 2005 tazaz joins TWC, but as he is a newbie with forum-realms, chances are he won't be very active.

16-June 2005 Izzak joins after some months were he wouldn't join.

18-June 2005 Haldir and King of Rohan joins The White Counsil. Both active for now. Sir Apollo and Wavebird joins the same day. Sir Apollo was recruited by the Lieutenant of Morgul and is later promoted to one of the forums Honoured Members.
The very first Battle at Long Distances found place as a test battle between General Locky and General James. An interesting battle that proved their theory on LDTTW. Improvement is needed, but excitment about this system is filling the Great Battleground. We are waiting for the great War of The White Counsil campaign.

20-June 2005 Angarah joins the forums.

24 June 2005 Colonel Andy and Ogre lad Andy joins the forums.

25-June 2005 Commisar Craig joins the forums. Many members get’s very happy about having someone who works in Games Workshop in the forums.

27-June 2005 Mtroll, from Canada, joins the forums. He was recruited by Sir Apollo.

28-June 2005 limquohong91 joins the forums.

30-June 2005 zumme joins the forums. He has not yet spoken out.

11-July 2005 Sims joins the forums.
The Lord of the Forums creates three new domains to help the members of the White Counsil more easily reach the forums.
The same day, the Lord of the Forums has a meeting with the High Councillor Branalbinn, Ariakas and the Lieutenant of Morgul. The topic on discussion was regarding the new moderation positions which some of the members had applied for. They decided that they would not need any moderators in a while.

12-july 2005 morvegil joins the forums.

13-July 2005 joke90 joins the forums.

17-July 2005 Captain of Isengard and Hewer3000 joins the forums.

18-July 2005 The Return of Dylan. For more information read Appendix A.

20-July 2005 The Lord of the Forums declares the great news that the forums has reached 10.000 posts! Great celebration is held!

23-July 2005 beregond234 joins the forums. His favourite character in The Lord of the Rings is Beregond.

24-July 2005 Fubar joins the forums but has not yet spoken out. Rumours links this man to Fubarbundy, but so far little is know about Fubar.

28-July 2005 Echo joins the forums.

29-July 2005 Mara Jade Skywalker joins the forums.

30-July 2005 Sjømann joins his forums. His Norwegian name means “sailor” or “seaman”.

1-August 2005 ash55 joins the forums.

3-August 2005 Freezedried and fullm joins the forums.

4-Augst 2005 jamzi 05 joins the forums.

5-August 2005 Prince imrahil and Ulug joins the forums.

16-August 2005 short nd curly joins the forums.

22-August 2005 JackDVS joins the forums.

23-August 2005 coljrudder joins the forums.

28-August 2005 Aratheking joins the forums.

2-September 2005 Battle bunny hater joins the forums.

3-September 2005 BE@R 21 joins the forums, his real name is Steven. Ogre Lad Andy, locky12 and hobbitman changes names to High Marshal Andy, Locky and Skittles respectively.

5 September 2005 adam and Bowmaster joins the forums.

9-September 2005 Ironfist joins the forums. Ironfist hails from England and is a fan of Chelsea.

Appendix A - The Banishment and Return of Dylan

"He was banned from the Realm and sent over the ocean from Ortin Port. His ship sailed for many days and many weeks. It was a terrible voyage and during this travel, he thought about his sins in the Realm. The captain of the ship was desperate, for terrible weather had swept away almost all his sailors and the proviations. Suddenly, Dylan raised from the deck. All wet he had taken a descission. He begged the captain to return to the Realm.
The weather improved and the captain decided to let Dylan get his will. Everything was hopeless anyways.
Some weeks later, the ship finally reached land. Dylan got off in Port Village, while the captain and the remaining crew sailed to Ortin Port, lying that Dylan was delivered to his former home.
Dylan knew that the Knights would listen to him, but he chose nicely who to seek. He went to the Castle of Mjolnir in all secret, talked with Lieutenant of Morgul and got some support at last. Later on, both the Loremaster and the High Councillor supported the new Dylan. They held it secret for the rest of the Realm, until they finally revailed it to the High Counsil and later to all people of the Realm. Most of the inhabitants agreed with the High Councillor, and Dylan was later set free in the White Realm again and stepped again through the glorious gate of the White City.

The Lord still didn't promote him to Knight, but he became one quickly, all though a secret order of a few Guards of the Counsil were given the task to shadow Dylan, and to capture him and throw him in the jail as soon as he broke the vital laws of the White Counsil.
He has since then had improved baheviour to all people in the Realm, even though some of the Knights and Ladies still do not trust him totally…"

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