Memorable Memories Of The Realm

First of all: The idea of "Memories of the Realm" is a complete and utter rip-off of Ariakas' awesome idea of "flashbacks", albeit a bit larger.

Second of all: This is a piece of writing that I wanted to do because I am tired of starting long stories with epic storylines and never finish them - at least not on paper. I want to write significant stories, that I actually finish - as such they must be rather small. So this "Memories of the Realm" will contain more such stories - telling various events that describe the history of the realm or of one person, giving an insight in what has happened in the White Realm with more details than the Encyclopaedia.

Third: This is nothing I spent a lot of time doing, as such the language might be poor, the style not good and so on, but it does not matter - I wrote this short story to tell a story - to tell of a great conflict, without working too much on making it a brilliant work as in the work itself - the story is more important (if that made any sense)

Fourth: I will maintain my trademark FHaG input where stories and characters are influenced by real-life TWC events and members. It is how I like it and how I have always done. I think at least Ariakas knows what I am talking about here.

Fifth: If anything here contradicts with alredy written works, please notify me and I will see what I can do.

Thank you and enjoy!


Memory One - Corsairs Strike Back

Memory Two - Retaliation

Memory Three - What the eastern wind brings

Memory Four - Battle for Raven Pass

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