Notable Dragons

Some notable members of the Dragon Battalion and a short biography of each of them

Felix (nicname: Elite Felo)

Felix joined the Dragon Battalion shortly after Sunny did. He also joined Xi Platoon and by the time Sunnycool was the Platoon Leader, Felix had become the second-in-command of Xi. When Sunnycool left the Battalion, Felix was promoted to Platoon leader and has taken this responsibility seriously.

He is a gifted leader, not only because his Dragons respect him, but also because he is kind and spends time to talk to his fellow Xi squadmembers instead of simply "ordering" them. Felix has a lot of understanding of his squad members. He is capable of utilizing this to make his Dragons work as efficiently as possible.

He is close friends with Sunny and Pezza and is one of the most trustworthy Squad Leaders.

Recently, he has led Xi on renewed hunts for Fenix and his Serpent Clan as connections between Fenix and the Realm's foreign enemies have been uprooted.

He is a very elite combatant and spy as most Dragons and he is especially skilled with throwing knives.

Benjamin Trebunar (nickname: Marksman)

Ben is cool and calm. He keeps his emotions under control and his temper icy. He is nevertheless quite talkative - at least with his close friends. Ben is an old Xi Squad member, yet his appearence is surprisingly youth-ish.

Ben is famous within the Battalion for being the best "marksman" in the Battalion. Being a marksman is a very rare speciality and one that Ben has perfected. He has constructed a custom-built crossbow of great power and accuracy. It is reloaded quite slowly, but a "sniper bolt" fired from this crossbow is lethal even at long ranges.

Ben is expert at aiming with it and is usually tasked with high-risk assassination or ambush attacks.


Scarlet is a young Dragon Battalion member. She is actually born a Realmer and was recruited by Pezza from a young age. Scarlet is an orphan, her parents being murdered when she was five years old, yet she has hidden her dark and sad past behind a big smile and attractive figure.

Scarlet is highly skilled at martial arts and she has many advantages, exclusive to the female sex, making her a very efficient spy. There are rumours that she has a relationship with Ghendo from Omega Squad, although it has been denied by both Scarlet and Ghendo.

Paul (nicname: Demon)

Paul is outspoken, funny and brilliant at reading body language. He is so good at correctly interpretating even small changes in facial expression that many believe him to have some sort of telepathic skills, although that is not the case.

His unusual skill makes him a great "ladies' man" and he is also master of all sorts of disguises.


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