The Dark Disciples

Legends whisper of nine men and three women, once powerful nobles in an empire long past. They were loyal to their leader, even after his fall into darkness. And it was then that the evil man bestowed upon these twelve mortals powers beyond their belief. He empowered them whith dark energies and robbed them of their free will. They were forever bound to their master’s commands.

Silent and deadly, Azack’Mor brings the chilling embrace of death to his master’s enemies. Wielding a scythe, he harvests and consumes the souls of all who get in his path, but not before granting them to cold taste of death. Few can stand against the Wraith Lord. Those who survived an encounter with him have never spoken since.

Cruel and brutal, Urden’Hel once stood as a proud knight. Now, he rides in darkness atop a deathly creation. His dark powers bring armies of vengeful spirits down upon the enemies of his master. Death’s Warlord is the title bestowed upon him by those who were lucky enough to hear of him and keep their lives.

Rotting and putrid, Dazan’Cer has fallen to become the complete opposite of what he once was. In life, he was an aristocratic noble. Now, he is a living corpse with little of his mind remaining. It is his power to spread the corruption that afflicts him to others, turning them into mindless servants to his will. The powers of the Puppet Master are not to be underestimated.

Beautiful yet horrifying, Iar’Dol is the greatest and oldest of her kind. She is the Banshee Queen. The powers of a banshee are present within her tenfold. It is said that her wail alone can decimate entire armies.

Secretive and unseen, Kazmar’Ach is known as the Voice of Death; his powers permit the living to hear the voices of the wrestles dead. It is sufficient to drive mortals mad, with enough exposure. Kazmar’Ach has played a role in many major acts throughout history, though such knowledge is held by a select few. They guard it with their lives.

Mad and destructive, Mag’Dar is a creation of dead body mass. His titanic body is formed from the rotting corpses of others, bound together by dark magic. It is this magic that sustains him and allows him to almost instantaneously restore any damage to his repulsive body. None can stand against the furious might of the Abomination.

Tireless and quick, Orok’Gul seeks out those who refuse to be found. It is his duty to hunt down the most elusive of his master’s enemies. With his ability to sense the presence of the living, Orok’Gul has rarely failed. It is also rumoured that his passing alone can afflict mortals with horrible diseases. The Blood Hunter does not tire, does not rest, does not give up.

Dark and mesmerising, Erial’Sin is a sorceress of darkest power. Her long life has allowed her magical powers to reach a great level, and her powers, in turn, have allowed her to prevent her body rotting away. Though from a time long past, she is misleading beautiful in appearance. The Dark Lady has used this as a powerful weapon.

Strong and agile, Narak’Phel is the oldest of the vampires. He is the most powerful of his kind, and the dark magic that sustains him rids him of the blood thirst. The vampiric powers he wields have advanced to a level that has never been seen in a vampire before. Fittingly, the title his kind have bestowed upon him is the Vampire King.

Damned and corrupted, Xalis’Kan is commonly seen as the most powerful of the twelve. His origins are unknown, but based on his appearance, it is strongly believed that he fell from the Heavens and was consumed by the powers of dark magic. Indeed, his appearance is that of a dark, angelic creature. To face the Fallen Angel is to invite death with open arms.

Crazed resilient, Voldan’Dar has become a gargoyle over the long centuries of his existence. His skin is as hard as rock, yet he retains incredible agility and speed. When the Stone Beast stares a mortal in the eye, they are turned to stone.

Terrible and unstoppable, Baereck’Rah has a unique power. Her skin and insides have long since fallen away, leaving only bone on her frame. When destroyed, Baereck’Rah rises again almost instantly. No one has yet discovered the weakness of the Mistress of Bones. Until her weakness is found, it is unlikely that any will be able to defeat her.

These are the twelve dark creatures that history has tried so hard to erase. They are unknown to most, for they serve perhaps the darkest of all beings; Drathmor, the Great Necromancer. These twelve are the Dark Disciples, some of the most powerful and dangerous beings on the face of the world. Avoid them if you can. Pray if you cannot.

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