The Drakkon Family


The Drakkon family are one of the minor noble families of Weissland. They have existed for roughly four hundred years and have been most notable for their service in the military of Weissland. The family resides near Crint where much of their land and businesses are situated. There have been eleven generations of the Drakkon family although the best known have been the last few generations.

The Drakkon Estate


The Drakkon estate is a few miles outside of the city of Crint which is northeast of Ataya and southeast of the Nevir Woods. At the current time the estate is being looked after by the estate master and the numerous servants as Nathaniel Drakkon has yet to properly take up residence at the estate. There are roughly eighty servants including the estate master which work at the estate plus twenty bodyguards who patrol the estate. The servants are a mixture of cooks, maids, stableboys, gardeners and others to tend the grounds.

1 - Estate Gate

The gate to the Drakkon estate is around nine feet in height and is built of sturdy oak wood, which has been reinforced with iron.

2 - Estate Master’s Residence

The estate master is the head of the servants who work on the Drakkon estate. Befitting the status of such a position, the estate master has a private residence of his or her own. It is a two-storey, large cottage with a substantial attic which contains a large roof window for light. The residence features three bedrooms as well as a small kitchen, dining room and living room. The estate master effectively runs the estate for the family, commanding the servants so that the grounds are tended, the estate buildings cleaned and the rooms tidied. The current estate master is Barnabas Graves, who has held the position for a great many years. He was a young man when Rowan Drakkon, Nathaniel’s father was just a boy. Originally he served in the military as a scout, and saved Caine Drakkon’s life at least once. Caine, being a tough soldier who looked after those he served with, returned the favour and when both men retired, he offered Barnabas the position of estate master which had been vacant for about a year at the time. Barnabas Graves is both wood-crafty and wise and was something of a mentor to Rowan Drakkon growing up. He was also a mentor to both of Rowan’s sons and shared many war stories with them about their grandfather, who had died only a few years after Nathaniel’s birth.

3 - Estate Wall

The estate wall is ten feet high, and made of a dark grey stone. It is not a heavily fortified wall, but more than a deterrent for any who would attempt to rob the estate. It runs the entire length of the estate, encompassing the 1290 (just over 2 square miles) acres of ground of the main estate. The total size of the estate with the adjacent farmland owned by the family is 3200 acres (5 square miles).

4 - Main Building

The main building of the Drakkon estate was built several hundred years ago by the very first generation of the proper Drakkon family. Originally the family were commoners, albeit middle-class land-owners from a farming background. As their holdings expanded, they eventually became minor nobility and the head of the household at this time, Matthew, decided that to be accepted as nobility the family should change their name to one more befitting their stature and so they became the Drakkon family. The records kept during this time are sketchy at best and their previous name is not known. Matthew Drakkon had the foundations of the main building of the estate begun the year they changed their name, while the family resided at a small manor within the city of Crint itself. A little over a year later the main building was complete and the construction of the estate wall was completed a month later. The main building has three floors. Upon entering the main doors you find yourself in a large room with a wide, sweeping, wooden staircase before you which leads to the first floor. To either side are two open rooms, the one on the left is a waiting area for guests while a family member or senior staff member is brought to greet them formally. The room on the right is a small study, where said guests will often be taken to once they have been properly greeted so they can converse in comfort. Passed the staircase on either side are several doors which lead to the kitchen area and the dinning room. Walking up the staircase to the first floor leads to a landing which leads off with four corridors, two on either side of the stairs you have just walked up, and two others which are reached by walking along the side-landings until you are standing over the entrance area below. These four corridors lead to the many bedrooms for the family and guests who are staying at the estate. Initially a small number of servants stayed here as well while the majority returned to homes in the city. Once the south wing was built all servants bar the estate master lived there. Travelling up one of the four smaller staircases found at the midpoint of each corridor you arrive at the second floor of the main building. This floor contains only a few rooms, most of which are very large. The most important room here is certainly the master bedroom, which features three stunning full-length windows which open out onto a balcony on the façade of the building. The other rooms on this floor include a larger study and a small ballroom. The ballroom rarely sees use since the construction of the north wing.

5 - North Wing

The north wing of the Drakkon estate was the second piece of construction work done in the estate’s history. This was begun around six years after the main building was completed at the behest of Matthew Drakkon’s wife Elaine. As one of the pre-eminent noble families in area around Crint, she wanted a more substantial ballroom to hold banquets and other formal gatherings at the estate. Plans for the building were drawn up and roughly half of the building would be the grand hall, while the other half would contain a variety of rooms. The north wing was completed two years later along with the north tower which was constructed at the same time. The doors to the grand hall are the only other main entrance to the Drakkon estate as the only other external doors are a number of small servant’s doors at the rear of the property as well as a door used by the family when they are heading out into the grounds at the rear of the building. While the north wing is three stories in height, the grand hall only has one level. It has very high ceilings, going all the way to the rafters and beams in the roof. The grand hall has six huge stained-glass windows depicting various things. These were originally just huge windows; the stained-glass was added many years later by Jacob Drakkon, the grandson of Matthew. The two windows which look out on the front of the estate show the heraldry of the Drakkon family on the left window (when standing outside looking at the building) and the symbol of Weissland on the right window. Jacob Drakkon, as the head of the third generation of the Drakkon family was the one who designed the heraldry of the family, as well as commissioning the crafting of the signet ring which he wore and passed on to six descendants. The other four stained-glass windows show four pieces of history. Two of these are from the history of Weissland, while the other two are from the history of the Drakkon family itself, though still tied to Weissland from their service to their homeland.

6 - North Tower

The north tower was built at the same time as the north wing. At the time of its construction the area around Crint had nothing in the way of military outposts. As Matthew Drakkon’s son Robert was a young officer in the army, it was decided that the tower would be used as a look-out post for the surrounding area as it offered an unobstructed view for many miles in all directions. To this end, a small garrison of twenty soldiers were stationed at the tower, quartered in the additional rooms of the north wing. This practice lasted for many years until other towers and fortifications were developed in the area. Since that time it has served as a storage area and simply a place to look out on the land.

7 - South Wing

The south wing is the most recent construction of the Drakkon estate and was built by Nathaniel Drakkon’s great-grandfather Kelbran. It is of the same size as the north wing, but its construction is quite different. The front half of the building is full of rooms. This area is the servant’s living area, with rooms for each servant, their own kitchen area, dinning room and common room. In between the front and rear halves of the south wing is a main corridor which leads straight through to one of the doors of the entrance area of the main building. This corridor has several doors on the left side, leading into the servant’s living area. On the right side of the corridor there are three large doors. These lead into the large library which dominates the entire ground floor of the rear half of the south wing. Within the library there are two spiral staircases made of marble. These lead upstairs into the bloodline hall. Here the heirlooms of the family are displayed, along with the histories of the family in several tomes. The tomes sit in a waist-height glass and wood cabinet, with a stone pedestal to one side upon which the most recent tome is laid.

8 - Stables & Barn

The stables and barn were originally built when the main building was constructed, but over the years they have been rebuilt and improved several times. The stables themselves have enough room to house twelve horses, although they are rarely full unless guests are staying at the estate.

9 - Family Crypt

The family crypt was built roughly two years after the main building was completed. The stone used in its construction is a very light grey, almost white stone, which makes it stand out from the dark stone of the surrounding estate wall. The interior of the crypt is like a small shrine, with a plunging stairway which leads below ground. It is here that the sarcophagi of the family are arranged in a large stone chamber. The family is arranged into rows based on the different generations of the family.

Drakkon Family Holdings

The Drakkon family owns 5 square miles of land, including the family estate and adjacent farm land outside of Crint. Within the city, the Drakkons own three separate blacksmiths, a three-storey Inn, a small stable, a tailors and an architect’s workshop. One of the blacksmiths focuses on the shoeing of horses, while the second is heavily geared to the creation of weaponry and armour. The third is more generalised and will do virtually any blacksmithing work. Away from business, they still maintain a small manor in the city of Crint and Nathaniel Drakkon purchased a room in a building in Ataya for his personal use as he spent much of his time in Ataya. Far to the north the family has some joint holdings in Ordail with the Andral-Drakkons. The family also runs a small business which transports supplies for their clients between Crint and Aelendak. It operates out of Aelendak instead of Crint.

Drakkon Family Tree

The following is a family tree which was compiled by Nathaniel Drakkon eleven years prior to the White War.


Note 1 - The second name of the parents of Matthew Drakkon, as well as his original second name is not recorded anywhere as near as I can tell. I have dug through very comprehensive records, but the further back the less accurate the records become in this area.

Note 2 - This line is either not of Drakkon stock, as in the case of Matthew’s siblings or no longer has any claim on the name or holdings of the Drakkon family.

Note 3 - Matthew Drakkon was the founder of the Drakkon family and first generation.

Note 4 - The line of Mary Drakkon continues as that of Andral-Drakkon, which still exists today as distant relations. Thankfully they have holdings of their own up in Ordail and rarely make contact as I find the current Lord and Lady Andral-Drakkon and their offspring to be dullards and buffoons. I do hope they read this. I did not include their family line any further as they have records of their own, let them do some work for a change.

Note 5 - The line of Serina and Harold does apparently continue but Harold was not nobility and as such no clear records were kept. I will endeavour to investigate and see if the line still exists in the Crint area.

Note 6 - Lyla Drakkon married an Elf by the name of Erethor but the records fail to mention any descendants or even details much beyond their marriage. After some searching I found mention that they went to visit Lyla’s sister Annabelle for a time. Perhaps following up on her line will yield more information.

Note 7 - Varas Grey was a soldier from the Realm of Purity. The records do not indicate how Varas came to meet Annabelle Drakkon, but they married and left Weissland to live in the Realm of Purity, presumably the line continued into the White Realm as well. I will attempt to find any information in the vast libraries in the tower of Ataya which might have knowledge of both the Realm of Purity and the White Realm. It is also possible that only such information is held in the White Realm and I have not the time to leave Weissland for such a reason.

Note 8 - The line of Drusilla and Burin Harmore continues but as another noble family the Harmore’s have a family tree of their own. Which I must say is very detailed and the current Lord Harmore, Dalin, gave me some excellent advice on the subject.

Note 9 - At this point the Drakkon line splits into a first line and a second line as two sons are born to Jacob Drakkon. As the older brother, Gideon is heir to the lordship.

Note 10 - It is rumoured that Marianne had a child out of wedlock and that she had a son. While I have found no hard evidence to support this, if true it would mean there is technically a line of Drakkons with greater claim on the lordship than Sebastian Drakkon’s second line. I will attempt to delve more deeply into any such lore in the area of Crint at the time of Marianne and see what I can find.

Note 11 - Marnus and Abigail Strom’s line continues for some time, but seems to have died out some decades ago. From what information I could gather, the last Lord Strom, first name unknown, died in battle while serving in the military of Weissland.

Note 12 - Here, for the first and only time, the lordship of the Drakkon line passed from the first line to the second. As Elias Drakkon had no sons, he passed lordship on to his first cousin once removed, Stephen.

Note 13 - Faith Drakkon had her son Luther without marrying. The records show that she was engaged to marry a man named James Hark. Unfortunately before they were married, Hark, who was a Captain of Weissland, was killed serving on the Great Wall. This technicality left Luther as a Drakkon and when Stephen and Jennifer had no children and passed away, lordship was given to Luther and the first line was restored.

Note 14 - While Eldred was the older son of Luther Drakkon, he served in the military of Weissland like most of my ancestors. Eldred died when the column of troops he was with was ambushed. The details are sketchy, and all that is clear is that Eldred and most, if not all the soldiers were slain. So, as the surviving male heir, my great-grandfather Kelbran took up the lordship of the family when Luther died.

Note 15 - The line of Genevieve and Richard Leith continued as Leith-Drakkon, my closest surviving kin. Should I die without a son to continue the family line, one of the Leith-Drakkon’s will take up lordship as they are more closely related to Luther Drakkon than any of my other relations.

Note 16 - The line of Karl and Ceridwen Helios continues and while they are very closely related to me, they unfortunately decided not to keep the Drakkon name and so fall behind those of the lines Leith-Drakkon and Andral-Drakkon in terms of heirs.

Family Coat of Arms

The Drakkon coat of arms, along with the lord's signet ring and other things relating to the heraldry of the family were created by Jacob Drakkon and are still the same to this very day. The coat of arms can be seen here.


The Lords Drakkon

Here follows a brief history of each man of the Drakkon family to bear the title of Lord of the estate and family.

Matthew Drakkon

Matthew Drakkon was the founder of the Drakkon line. Originally Matthew, along with his wife Elaine and their firstborn, Robert, were just upper-middle-class land owners in Crint. After their holdings increased significantly, Matthew had the foundations for his estate begun and changed their name to Drakkon to signify their new-found noble status. The family resided in a manor within Crint itself while the estate was being constructed, during which time their daughter Mary was born. Matthew was a shrewd businessman, and he cemented the family's noble status in Crint by expanding his farming operations as well as putting money into the economy of Crint, helping other businesses to build up alongside him. Notably in a family which has had close ties to the military of Weissland, Matthew did not serve. Coming from a middle-class family of land owners, he instead focussed on becoming well-versed in business. He also spent a lot of his early days working the land alongside his workers, finding that the best way to understand farming and other businesses was to do the work and learn for yourself.

Robert Drakkon

Robert Drakkon was the older child of Matthew Drakkon. He was already around twelve when the construction of the Drakkon estate outside of Crint was begun. He resided in a city manor with the family while the estate was built. During this year his younger sister was born. Around six years later when the north wing was being planned, he arranged for the north tower to be built as well. Robert Drakkon was an officer in the Weissland military at this time; he was extremely loyal to his homeland and very proud to serve in the military. He used the north tower as a watchtower for Weissland troops in the area close to Crint. He is also credited with beginning the tradition of Drakkon family members serving in the military of Weissland. Robert married his wife Jasmine at the age of twenty-two and they had four children, one boy and three girls. His son Jacob became lord of the Drakkon line when Robert died in battle.

Jacob Drakkon

Jacob Drakkon was the only son of Robert Drakkon and was also the eldest child. He became lord of the Drakkon line when his father died in battle serving the Weissland military. By this time Jacob was in his early twenties and was serving in the military like his father. Jacob never advanced beyond the rank of Captain, preferring it to higher ranks. He married Nadia Corvin the daughter of one of the other noble families from Crint. This increased the Drakkon’s standing and wealth considerably as Nadia was a proficient businesswoman in her own right. While Jacob continued to serve in the military, his wife helped to run the Drakkon businesses. They had three children, Drusilla, Gideon, and Sebastian. Jacob finalised some work on the north wing of the Drakkon estate by replacing the huge windows in the grand hall with stained glass windows depicting two scenes from the history of Weissland and two from the history of his family. The final two windows received the symbol of Weissland and the newly created heraldry of the Drakkon family. Jacob had the heraldry created along with a signet ring displaying the crest, which he wore to eventually be passed on to every lord of the family which came after him. Jacob eventually retired from active service in the military and died of old age. His eldest son Gideon became the lord of the family, forming the first line of the Drakkon family, while his younger son Sebastian formed the second line.

Gideon Drakkon

Gideon Drakkon was the eldest son of Jacob Drakkon and became lord of the estate when his father passed away. Gideon formed the start of the first line of the family while his younger brother formed the second line. Gideon and Sebastian were both strong and courageous men and joined the military at a young age. Both brothers held the rank of Captain and were knights of Weissland. They had many noteworthy battles and adventures. Gideon married his wife Celessa when he was in Cerylia. They had two children, Elias their son and Marianne their daughter. When Gideon was fifty-six he took part in a campaign to destroy raiders from a distant land which had attack the coast of Weissland. The campaign was mostly successful but they suffered a large defeat at their camp and Gideon fell in the rearguard action which allowed the bulk of the survivors to retreat on their ships. Sebastian quickly led a quest to recover Gideon’s body, so that his brother could be laid to rest within the family crypt. The quest was completed.

Elias Drakkon

Elias Drakkon was the only son of Gideon Drakkon. He became lord of the Drakkon family at the age of only twenty-three, when his father was killed in battle in a distant land. Elias had only been serving in the Weissland army for three years and held the rank of Lieutenant in an infantry company. He desperately wanted to go on the quest with his uncle Sebastian to recover his father’s body but his uncle forbade it, not wanting to lose another family member. Elias waited for his uncle to return with the quest completed, and thankfully due to the skill of Sebastian and the courage and loyalty of the few men which joined the quest, they were successful. Gideon was laid to rest in the family crypt, and the signet ring was passed to Elias. Little is known of Elias beyond that he married a woman from Ataya named Valerie and that they had two children, both girls, Faith and Abigail. Both were young, Faith being the eldest at the age of nine when their father died suddenly. While he was in the military, having advanced to the rank of Captain at this point, it seems he did not die in battle like most of his kin, but of some strange illness which has never been properly catalogued. As he had no male heirs when he died, the title of lord went to his cousin once removed Stephen Drakkon of the second line. This is the first and so far only time that the lordship passed from the first line to the second.

Stephen Drakkon

Stephen Drakkon is rather noteworthy for being the first and only lord of the Drakkon family to come from the second line. He was the grandson of the heroic Sebastian and the son of Nathan. Also, different to many of the Drakkon men, even some of the women, Stephen did not take to the military life. He served as a Lieutenant on the Great Wall for four years and then another year in the garrison of Ataya. Perhaps it was the tedium of garrison duty, or that he saw virtually no action but Stephen resigned his commission and returned to the Drakkon estate in Crint. He married, but he had no children. He ran the family businesses well, and expanded in a few areas. It could be said that his preference for business over the military lifestyle was for the better, as he helped the family increase its wealth considerably and allowed for it to prosper for many years to come. As he left the military, Stephen Drakkon was one of the few men in the family to not die in battle. Unfortunately for Stephen, he was set upon by thieves when returning from a business meeting in Ordail. He had travelled to the port city and stayed with his relatives, the Andral-Drakkons. When he began the return journey, he was ambushed several miles north of Valoruin. He killed two of the attackers, but as he had decided to travel with just a small group of bodyguards, he was killed before they could drive off the attackers. The three remaining guards brought his body back to the estate to be buried. Due to strange circumstance, instead of the Drakkon family being ended by Stephen’s lack of heirs, lordship passed back to the first line of the family with the young Luther Drakkon.

Luther Drakkon

Luther Drakkon was the seventh lord of the Drakkon family. His mother Faith was to marry a Weissland Captain by the name of James Hark. She became pregnant by him, before they married, but he was recalled to his duties after his leave ended. Several months later Captain Hark was killed in action at the Great Wall. It was due to these circumstances that Luther remained a Drakkon and became lord of the family when Stephen, his cousin once removed was killed. Luther married young, at the age of eighteen, to Anja who was also Crint nobility. He joined the Weissland military later that year, although instead of going to the army like most of his kin Luther joined the navy. He started as a junior officer on one ship, but eventually gained captaincy of his own frigate. During his lifetime he had three children with his wife Anja; Eldred, Kelbran and Genevieve. Luther unfortunately outlived his eldest son Eldred. This, and the realisation that so many of his family had died in battle, having lost his father to battle before he was even born, Luther made the decision to hand over lordship to his son Kelbran while Luther was still alive. Luther finally retired from the navy at the age of fifty-nine, although he spent four years after this as a naval instructor in Ordail.

Kelbran Drakkon

Kelbran Drakkon was the eighth lord of the Drakkon family and was given lordship by his father Luther a few years before Luther retired from the Weissland Navy. Kelbran was a staunch supporter of the military of Weissland and served to his dying day. After reaching the rank of Captain Kelbran married his wife Natalie. Three years later they had twins, Ceridwen and Caine. In his spare time Kelbran greatly enjoyed reading, always looking for some historical or military text or another. The same year that he was promoted to General he had construction begun on the south wing of the Drakkon estate which contained a massive library and the bloodline hall where the history and heirlooms of the family are held, such as the arms and armour of the deceased family members. Kelbran died in battle against orcs in the south of Weissland. He was killed while he duelled with the leader of the orcs, although Kelbran managed to deal the orc a mortal wound before succumbing to death. After his death, his son Caine became lord of the family.

Caine Drakkon

Caine Drakkon became lord of the family when his father Kelbran died in battle. His father instilled in Caine a strong sense of martial pride and honour and it was no surprise that Caine became a military officer as soon as he was old enough. In fact he began his training the day after his eighteenth birthday. Caine was tactically astute, to the point that he gained promotion from Lieutenant to Captain in only two years. Caine was able to use a small inferior force to defeat a force which was superior in numbers, a skill valued given Weissland’s typical enemies. Caine became a General and won many victories using his initiative and strategic awareness. Caine Drakkon married his wife Shandra in his thirties and they had one son, Rowan. Caine was given raw companies on a regular basis to train and mould before they were transferred elsewhere, helping to spread his experience around. Caine eventually authored a military treatise detailing several of the campaigns and battles he fought in. Caine retired at a fairly old age and returned to the estate in Crint with Barnabas Graves, one of his friends and a scout who had served much of his career with Caine. Caine Drakkon died of natural causes a few years after his grandson Nathaniel was born. Rowan Drakkon became lord of the family at this time.

Rowan Drakkon

Rowan Drakkon was the only child of Caine and Shandra Drakkon. Rowan grew up around soldiers, not surprising in the Drakkon family. But he learnt a great deal from men like Barnabas Graves. Rowan served in the military as an infantry officer for a time. He joined at the age of eighteen and served for ten years, first as a Lieutenant and then as a Captain. After those ten years Rowan resigned his commission and became an adventurer. He travelled to the White Realm, a brief journey in the steppes of Ar and also he spent some time in the Golden Empire. Everywhere he went Rowan found adventure, peril, treasure and more than his fair share of women. Probably several other men’s share of women. Rowan visited several uncharted lands on his travels, but eventually he decided to return home. Arriving back in Weissland at the age of thirty-six, Rowan met and married Katrina within a year of his return. They had two sons, Arthan and Nathaniel, two years apart. When Nathaniel was three Rowan’s father Caine died and Rowan became lord of the Drakkon family. Rowan was an excellent swordsman and was a member of a duelling society. As is customary with such groups he had a duelling name, the subtle sword. Rowan was skilled in a technique known as the subtle cut. It allowed the user to cut an object or opponent in such a subtle way that they did not realise they had been cut. Many times Rowan would clash swords with an opponent and it would seem that no contact had been made. Then the opponent would fall over. Upon examining the body there would be an expertly placed cut, sometimes cleaving a body part but such was the subtleness of the cut that the parts would barely separate as they fell to the ground. Rowan never wasted any motion, using this to outlast his opponents. He taught the technique to several of the other duellists. From a fairly young age it became apparent that both his sons had magical ability, most likely from their mother’s side of the family. Arthan inherited his father’s charm and way with the ladies while Nathaniel gained his father’s wanderlust for travelling and adventure. Rowan died of old age a year after Katrina died, and many years after Arthan had been murdered. Nathaniel would be lord of the family but he has not officially accepted the title so far.

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