The Forging Of The Sceptre Of Justice

The Forging of the Sceptre of Justice

Andy raced across the plains the dry breeze blasting his face and arrived at the white city, its mighty white walls rising as far as he could crane his neck, that being just the first of the many levels of the great city, he raced through the gates, nodding briefly at the guards, as he proceeded through the streets. He leapt from his steed which stood silently held by his will. The buildings guards eyed it suspiciously and from the corner of its eyes it seemed to glare at them.
Andy walked through the entrance and the doors into the main hall were opened for him. Lord Sunnycool rose to meet him and they shook hands. The great hall had not been changed, it still was hung with great tapestries and mighty statues stood around it, with the throne of gold sitting at the end of the room.
"My friend it has been a long time." said lord Sunnycool.
"Indeed it has, indeed it has, and I received your letter." Replied Andy
"Good, thank you for coming so swiftly," Sunnycool said, his face grim.
“There is something I need of you Andy.” Sunnycool said gravely.
“Name it my lord and it shall be so.” He answered, with conviction.

A few hours later Andy strolled through the royal gardens looking at the trees and flowers and wondering how such bliss could be there, in such times as these. He heard a rustling and spied a glint of armour.
"Hey you what do you think your doing over there." He called as he stepped over and pulled Ariakas of the embarrassed chambermaid in the bushes, they both looked like caught children.
"Ariakas the womaniser never saw that one coming, my friend," Andy proclaimed laughter bubbling out of him.
"Greetings brother," Ariakas laughed still looking sheepish.
They walked through the gardens chatting about my latest battle. Ariakas pointed out a new scar on Andy’s fore-arm.
“Well while you have to use your face to get chambermaids in the bushes I use more, like my wit, my brains, my charisma, and my bad jokes.” Andy teased. "But my friend I fear I must be off," He told him soberly.
"Very well, what has Lord Sunnycool ordered you to do this time" Ariakas said calm, the time when Ariakas had direct control over Andy had ended and the two were now firm friends, as equals..
"I cannot say my friend. All I can say is that it could take a long time, so I best set off as soon as possible. Almirith is going to show me the way for the first part of the journey but more than that, I’m forbidden to tell anyone, even you my old friend."
"Well the Lord knows best" Ariakas agreed.
With a final nod Andy turned on his heel and walked away, away once again from the sweet bliss of the trees and serenity which the palace gardens could bring.

He walked out of the entrance hall, and down the steps and mounted his horse. It was black in colour and its eyes seemed normal enough until you looked deeper into them and saw the red light peering out from their depths. Andy rode over to where Almirith was waiting for him in the great courtyard. The paving in this place was hundreds of years old as were the walls and the gates. The cobbles appeared golden in the sunlight and a cool breeze blew up through the nearby gateway creating a pleasant environment. The walls were as solid as the day they had been built, the only thing that ever changed in this city was the people.
"Lead on Almirith, we best get going,” Andy sighed wondering if he would ever see this court again.
"I don’t know where you have to go or why, but even this first bit is a bastard of a road to damnation, be careful my friend, these roads should not be taken lightly." Almirith warned.
“They are not, I wish to return, it is not yet I wish to walk in the world of the spirits, fear not."
So without another word the two knights rode off through the gates and disappeared into the setting sun.

The two knights were still riding as dawn approached. The plains around the city had gone and they now rode through the steep mountain valleys of the mountains of glory. Almirith shifted in his saddle working out one of the corns which was developing on his backside, and said, "So why the hell must you go through the pass of Kalik Mazad, its basically one big hell hole full of orcs…"
"Because, I must," Andy said quietly. "The choices I make are not mine to choose but mine to carry out, the lord wishes me to do this task and so I do it. I may not enjoy what I have to do but it must be done."
"And you will tell me nought of the task no?" Almirith queried for the third time during their ride.
"I cannot my brother it would not be fai……" He was stopped mid sentence by Almirith raising his hand.
Almirith indicated they should move into the undergrowth. They quickly did so moving stealthily into the bushes, before both leaping off their steeds. Almirith pulled out his bow and notched an arrow, while Andy pulled out his sword. Walking down the road towards them were two orc scouts. Almirith motioned towards his knife and so calmly, Andy sheathed his sword and Almirith slung his bow. They both drew their daggers. Almirith’s silver with a gold hilt, Andy’s solid black with a silver hilt, as the orcs went by yelling loudly at each other in their foul tongue. Almirith and Andy slipped from the bushes and walked up behind them. Together as one they each grabbed one around the neck and pulled the blades across their windpipe. Andy could feel the strong muscles of the beast struggle against him and then relax. Andy eased his orc to the ground where their bodies twitched as the puddle grew black and sticky. Andy could smell the musky stench of orcs, and felt sick.
" Scouts" Almirith hissed.
“Are there more?" Andy whispered back. Trying not to show his revulsion and also trying not obviously gag.
" No these orcs travel alone for long distances, you can tell from the tribal markings they possess on their arms." Almirith explained, breathing more easily now as they moved away from the now dead corpses.
" Ah ok, so it should be alright to continue?" Andy said.
They mounted their horses and set off once more. Andy hoped nothing else would occur that would forestall them..

After a few hours they came to a small spring and they dismounted while Almirith’s horse had a drink, Andy’s own seemed not to need any and stood as far away from Almirith and his horse as was possible.
“So, how long till we reach the pass?” Andy enquired

“At this pace I’d say less than an hour.” Almirith said looking to the sky to see what sort of light that would provide for the passage. The sky was past its zenith and by the time they reached the pass night would be close to falling. Andy nodded understandingly that would be fine, the pass was dangerous and darkness would help.
They soon set off again, Almirith leading the way.

The two of them approached a large dark canyon. A great gust of air blew from it straight at them; the stench of orcs was heavy on it, as was the smell of death, decay and ruin.
"Beware Andy this path is dangerous, long have the orcs held this road and they guard it well, we will be able to pass unharmed for a while but before long the danger presented will increase. Be prepared to defend yourself." Almirith explained quietly, his voice serious with the concern and worry he felt.
" I understand and Almirith…” Andy said, Almirith raised an eyebrow, “When am I ever not ready to fight.” Andy said grinning evilly, his eye flashing with fire.
"Right…." Almirith said a smile creasing his features.
They mounted their steeds and began to head towards the shadow, the steep walls rising over them, drawing them in.
The rocks themselves black, they entered slowly and began heading through at a leisurely pace. The passage widened and some light was able to come down the sides of the canyon. The road was pitted and broken and warnings hung from the walls, if that was not enough stark reminders of the orks presence could be seen by victims draped from some of the older signs further down the passage.
Andy’s skin crawled as the breeze cooled his armour till it felt like ice. The passage was narrowing once more and as they progressed he began to feel like he was being watched more and more. They were near the exit it was only several more minutes ride, they had passed several orc settlements along the way but had taken detours to avoid the heaviest concentration of the vicious beasts.
They entered a large area where there seemed to be hollows and caves in the walls and Andy’s unease grew.
Suddenly there was a yell and large bonfires were lit. Andy closed his eyes just in time to stop myself being blinded by the sudden light. As he opened them they saw the orcs pouring from the caves, shields and spears in hand, roaring as they came. They had been spotted and someone had started an oil fire.
"Oh hell here we go," Andy said to himself, with that he urged his steed on even faster and Almirith followed.
Andy drew his sword and slashed at the nearest orc´s head splitting it in two, then with a series of slashes he killed several more, hacking heads and limbs from bodies, he looked to his left to see Almirith doing the same with his blade. They rode as fast as they dared trying to dodge the fell orcs who swarmed all around. Almirith’s steed was pulled down from under him and Almirith just had time to leap into the air. Andy charged Valkar forward and Almirith landed just behind him on the saddle. Andy urged Valkar forward which he did and quickly the steed started bounding off orc skulls crushing them ever time he stepped.
With a sudden burst and as quickly as it had begun, they cleared the canyon and raced across the green plains on the other side. The light blinded them but soon they recovered, they turned to see a number of orcs waving spears at them from the mouth of the canyon.
“Almirith are you ok?” Andy asked full of concern.
“Ye I’m fine. They got my damn horse though… I knew I should have said oh no Lord its too dangerous lord, send Berathor instead.” Almirith moaned.
Andy couldn’t help himself and laughed as they continued to put distance between themselves and the canyon. Andy’s steed seemed to not tire despite the extra weight.
They stopped several miles further along and Andy checked he himself was ok and apart from the few scratches and cuts on his face he seemed to be. The rest of his body had been protected by his armour.
They had stopped next to a small river in the lee of some trees and looked out over the horizon. They finally saw our goal. The Dark City, the most northern bastion of free men, home of the dark council. It rose from the plains, the lights from its windows outlining it in the sky.
They were now well and truly in the dark lands and this, the last fortress of men in this direction. This city was ruled by the dark council who were allies of the Lord Sunnycool, although it was a fragile alliance it would still be of some use and where Andy had been told to go with Almirith for the first part of this quest. They remounted and raced towards the great city with its black walls, and keep all leading to a white tower which was the castle itself. They approached the gates to be greeted with shouts of alarm and points of arrows. Almirith whispered to Andy while watching the soldiers coolly, "You always get me in trouble Andy,"
"Yup." was the one word answer.
Andy rode up to the gate and handed in his papers to the suspicious guard. The guard glanced at his stained cloak and drawled, "O’wd I know this is youuus then?” his foreign accent so similar and yet different to that of the White Realm.
Andy cast aside the cloak to show his detailed armour and sword. The style which showed he was of the White realm and of importance.
"Trust me; check the seal of my lord if you wish." Andy growled.
The guard not wanting to lose his head to his masters did so, nodded the gates opened.
Andy began to walk inside but stopped and paused, he turned to see Almirith standing where he had been left.
" Sorry Andy but this is where I leave you, good luck." He said
“Wait, soldiers fetch me a horse.” Andy ordered, the man hurried to fetch one.
He came back with a beautiful horse which Andy took off him and handed over to Almirith.
“From me,” Andy smiled, “as an apology for losing the last one. Good luck Almirith.” Andy said softly.
They shook hands and then Almirith turned and leapt to his mount and rode off into the distance, yelling “Till we meet again son of the white realm.”

The Dark Council

Andy strode through the city and into the halls of the Dark Council.
He was lead through dark stone passages which twisted and turned. There were guards stationed at almost every door, bearing the seal of the city, a dark star and moon. Finally they arrived at a pair of great wooden doors, flanked on each side by two heavily armoured guards. As Andy entered be heard an old and yet tough voice.
"Welcome stranger but who are you?" the voice inquired.
Andy looked and saw seven men in armour sitting at a table at the head of the great hall. The walls were adorned with tapestries depicting great battles.
" My name is Andy, Captain of Mjolnir, High Marshal and council to Lord Sunnycool. He has provided me with a letter bearing his seal to confirm this to you. I know our two cities have not always got on, however Lord Sunnycool feels that now is the time to cement our two great nations together. He personally gave me this to give you."
Andy pulled off a shield with the White council’s coat of arms on it. Its workmanship was flawless the detail given to it immense. It was an expensive gift.
"My Lord wishes you to have this token of friendship and asks you to assist me in a few needs of mine."
" your Lord…, Captain… and you are very bold,” Another lord started saying.
"Well, I try and keep relations interesting" Andy conceded bowing, cutting into the man’s speech.
" Indeed." The lord put in dryly; however there was amusement in his eyes.
" Take a seat. What do you require?"
Andy walked over to an empty chair and sat down.
" What I need is information. I need to know how to get to Mount Frega. That is all, I know not these lands and have heard tale of dangers in them, I am not fearful of these dangers however I know not your ways or the ways of your people and would not wish to anger my hosts."
"If that is all you request Captain then I will do one better I will send Elegost to show you. He is a great warrior and captain of the guard; he will do us a proud service by it." The Lord laughed. Waving Andy out the men got up and left the hall. Andy was motioned to follow a new man in golden armour and a large cloak. Andy was taken out, and the man introduced himself.
“Greetings, I am Elegost.”

So upon his steed once more Andy set off from the great city now with Elegost by his side. He showed Andy all the shortcuts through apparently thick forests which in fact only went a few hundred metres and which to have had to traverse would have taken days and he found hidden springs from which we could drink. The landscape was bleak and harsh, there was little respite from the cold winds and hard rock covered hills.
They spoke of many things, their countries, and their kingdoms and joked about common mishaps they had had in battle. They soon found a tentative friendship, as their companionship continued.
On the third day they met a road and on this they travelled for several hours more before stopping at a tavern. Elegost proposed they stay there to create some variation from sleeping rough on the roadside.
The inn was set back from the road and was nought but stone built box with a flat roof. There was a trough sitting outside and a heavy door which could not block out the music inside.
As they walked inside the chatter and music stopped. It was smoky, and there was a smell of ale and cooked meat. They walked to a table and took a seat. The music soon resumed and the chatter slowly edged its way back in.
The room was relatively large, there was the long bar along the side wall, left of the entrance and then a stage opposite where a small band sat with instruments. Then there were tables and chairs spread across the rest of the floor space. Most of these were filled with rough looking men eating their meals and listening to the music. Few however seemed to be eating and kept giving pointed stares at the two new arrivals.
An attractive waitress came to take their orders both ordered an ale, and some bread and cheese. This was hastily brought to them and they sat and ate in silece. It seemed the waitress wanted nothing to do with them in fact no one seemed to be trying to talk to them at all.
Elegost turned to Andy. "Andy my friend watch out, some of these thugs are looking at us in a worrying way."
"Right, it’s your country how do you want to deal with this." Andy asked diplomatically.
"I say finish then leave. Ok?" Elegost said, some worry creeping into his voice.
"That’s fine with me," Andy nodded.
They finished the food then stood up and left, the stares followed them as they left.
As they walked into the fresh air, a group appeared out of the darkness, surrounding them.
"Who do you think you lot are coming and drinking in our bar." A particularly short, fat man said, however for all the weight on him he looked strong, probably a farm worker, Andy surmised. The smell the alcohol on his breath could be smelt several metres away. In the two soldier’s favour was that most of the drunks looked worse for wear thanks to the potent ale and so wouldn’t prove too dangerous. In theory that would have worked, until one drew a knife

It all happened in a flash. One pulled a knife and stumbled at Elegost who grabbed him by the throat, spun him wrenching the knife from his hand and breaking the man’s wrist, the man crumpled, moaning. This was what the entire mob needed they pulled, short swords, axes, knives and planks of wood. As one they ran, stumbling towards the two knights who calmly stood their ground.
The first man to get to Andy, had his face imploded by a spectacular punch, the force causing his nose to break and several teeth fall out. Elegost meanwhile had one jump on his back; he quickly threw him of over his shoulder, before stamping on his neck. Half the mob was already down. The rest looked more concerned and more wary of these two men. Two plucked up the courage and charged at Andy, he sidestepped, leaving one leg where it was, one man tripped over it and landed head first into a barrel of water, he seemed to be stuck. The second kept going, he turned to look at Andy as though he had tricked him, so with a face of indignation he charged again, knife drawn. Andy slammed the palm of his hand into the man’s face breaking his jaw. Andy then grabbed the man’s arm and snapped it like a twig making him drop the knife, the man in a drunken stupor charged again to be gripped around the throat by Andy’s forearm and as he exerted pressure the man turned, pink, to purple before dropping down unconscious.
The final two men ran for their lives while Elegost and Andy assessed the chaos they had wreaked.
"Nice fight" Elegost commented.
"Indeed, not bad for a bunch of drunks," Andy chuckled.
Around them lay destruction, barrels lay broken as did the injured bodies, and yet they had not even drawn their swords which still sat in their scabbards under their cloaks. The man in the barrel of water turned out to be dead, having drowned as he was unable to get out.
They mounted up and carried on our journey leaving the bar and the corpses behind before anyone arrived to investigate.

As the mountain slowly grew in size over the next few days they increased their pace, as they raced along the road running through the grasslands, they reached the final crossroad, turning either up the mountain or away onto the plains Elegost turned in his seat to face Andy and said.
“Well my friend this is where I have been ordered to leave your company and I must do as I am bid.”
Andy smiled and proffered his hand to Elegost,
“But of course my friend, it has been an honour riding with you these last few days, hopefully we may meet again. I have one request of you however.”
“Yes, name it. If it is in my power I will grant it.” Elegost said.
“Take word to Lord Sunnycool that I made it this far, I will right a short note and I will seal it, this I bid you to deliver it to him for me.” Andy said.
“But of course my friend,” Elegost answered, he waited as Andy wrote the note, and after taking it was off.

Andy sat upon the hill looking out into the darkness, the fog swirling around him. He had so much to do still he thought to himself, yet already he was missing his friends. Above all he was missing his brother knights of the Warriors of Mjolnir. He hoped they had no need for him, and he hoped that Ariakas and Kirby were staying safe, in these unsafe times.
Still looking at the darkness he collected himself and rose. The walls of the fort were coming into view as the fog lifted slightly.
“Come Valkar.” He called softly and with that they headed down the rise. They slipped through a small wood, their presence going unnoticed by all but the small rabbits hiding in the bushes and long grass. The two of them spied the gateway and saw the two guards standing there looking very bored. The smell of tobacco smoke mixed with the damp of the fog drifted over. Andy pulled his cloak around him and walked out into the open. Valkar followed silently, his helmet’s shadow causing his face to be un-distinguishable, however as always it went further than just being hard to see and indicated magic.

The guards jumped, two men seemed to have popped up out of nowhere. They had been stuck out here for hours and the relief guard seemed to have not bothered to turn up. One of these men approaching was wrapped in a black cloak while the other was pitch black and the darkness seemed to swallow him up to the point they were unsure if he was there at all. The guards grabbed their spears and held them ready, who would have thought it, something interesting, on their watch, instantly there anger at the relief guard evaporated.
“Hold it,” the larger of the two called.
Andy stopped where he was a few metres from the guard who had not called. The guard was now looking for the second figure but he seemed to have disappeared. Suddenly without warning a strong grip was around his neck. He could feel the air not reaching his lungs and he noticed the black creeping into his vision.
Valkar released the motionless man who slumped to the ground unconscious. The other guard lurched round to see what was happening only to have the cloaked figures elbow smashed into the back of his head. He slumped to the ground too. The two figures walked through the gate and came into the castle courtyard.

With great care they moved around and walked into the castles main entrance. The corridors were lit from torches sitting in brackets on the walls. They heard someone approaching and so dived into a nearby archway. When the sound had died away they ventured out again, Valkar taking the lead. They found the stairs at the end of the corridor. Sadly it was being guarded by two knights. Andy pulled out his knife and nodded to Valkar. As one they threw their weapons, Andy’s knife hitting one guard in the temple, while lacking subtlety Valkar’s sword was now the only thing keeping the other guard upright, the sword having pierced the guard’s head going through him, and holding him where he stood. The two figures moved forward, Andy pulled his knife from the corpse, while Valkar removed his sword an almost silent chuckle emitted forth from him.

They moved through the door and up the stairs and came to a locked door. Andy filled up the keyhole with black powder, and then using a flint along with his knife got a spark. There was a soft, crump, noise and the locking mechanism simply fell apart. They walked inside and there upon the table was a case. Opening it Andy found a sword carefully wrapped in satin. He picked it up carefully viewing the gold hilt and the unmarked blade. Thank goodness, it had taken them so long time to find the location of this he was glad it had been worth the time to get the right place.
Andy re-wrapped it in the satin, placed it in the chest and they left without a sound. Quietly slipping back through the gates and returning up the hill from which they had started this part of the mission less than an hour before. Valkar turned into a horse and Andy jumped on and with yet another piece of the puzzle they set off.

Andy strode forward across the dock, his companion following. The random assortment of men littered the causeway. He came to the boat he was searching for,
The Storm. He eyed the boat taking in its streamlined shape and the scores of young men running around on-board, sorting supplies for an upcoming voyage.

Andy strode up the gangplank and noticed sailors sizing him up, taking in his jet black cloak, which concealed all his armour and belongings. His companion accompanying him in a similar cloak although blacker, and with the hood drawn, followed close behind. They strode up to the ships captain.
“Good mornin’ good sir, I was a wondering whether I could be a buying passage on your ship for myself and this fellow.” Andy said smoothly
The captain looked at them slowly, again like all the men, taking in their appearance.
“Not in trouble with the law now are we lads? For I shall not be taking criminals to Weissland, I have a reputation to keep, and I shall not help criminals.”
“Nay we are but simple folk sir.” Andy said calmly.
The captain thought about it. Well they speak like any old lad, and this lad looks like a sailor because of his weather beaten features, however caution creeped into his mind at the scar across the man’s face which had ruined his eye.
“Ok sirs that will be a gold apiece.”
Andy eyed him cynically.
“Ok, ok sir, a silver shilling…” He conceded.
Andy smiled and handed over the coins.
“Thank you, captain.” Andy smiled, making the captain feel at ease. For when you meet a man, if he is tight on money, he must be an honest fellow, for reason would have it if he wasn’t he would be rich from all the money he stole.
They walked over and stored their bags safely out of the way, these were now getting heavier as more items were being added, but the task was almost complete.

They had been sailing for several days but finally land was in sight. While many other passengers exclaimed and laughed and joked, they stood in silence on the bow. The ship had barely docked before they were off the ship, up the dock and had disappeared into the crowd. They passed all the shops not even glancing at the wares on offer, they only stopping to quickly glance at the fort set above the harbour. Once they were out of the town Valkar once again became a horse, Andy climbed on and they set off without a word. They rode into the mountains and passed into the elf realm. They approached a mighty wood. Its trees like walls themselves they were so large, this area felt like nature itself, it smelled of grasses in bloom, the pollen swirling the air in a tapestry of colour. As soon as they entered the forest, they soon got the sense of being watched. But Andy didn’t seem worried; he had been given specific instructions from a heavy manuscript he had found deep in the records of the White library.

They approached a dense area of wood, on the mountainside that bordered the whole forest. Andy walked over to an odd tree. It was bent and twisted into an arch, and formed what would be a doorway, but some how the tree had seemed to extend its branches to cover the gap in severe thorns. Then doing what the manuscript had said, Andy began singing, in a gentle harmony, the words seeming to be burned into his memory and begging to be released in this place.
The song was not in high speech, nor was it in common; this was the language of the ancients. The so called lost language, for few spoke it.

Adae hae, ell, aloa
Gee darakan ell afrai
Garn bo sahl frea dal
Morn a a lor a lae lo

Adae hae, tae ell, aloa
Gee darakan ra sata ell afrai
Garn bo sahl frea dala
Morn a a lor for a a lae lo

The words had a magical effect on the branches they opened like a stage curtain and the two figures walked through. What met them would have shocked most. A whole town was hidden within the trees, houses and shops, blacksmiths and bakers, small children and the old, all stopped and stared at the two figures in shock.
A group of armed elves in full plate armour approached at a run.
“Who are ye? How did you enter our lands?” The leader asked shocked.
Andy bowed, risking losing his head.
“I have come for you to fulfil your debt to the heroes of the North.” He said calmly with a steely voice.
The elves in the background started chattering excitedly.
“But none of that line has come for many years.” The leader said, visibly shaken.
“Indeed, do the Weisslenders even know of your secret hold?” Andy asked calmly, the faintest hint of a threat hanging there, knowing full well this was the elves most closely guarded secrets.
“I shall take you to the lord.” The elf said quietly.

Standing before the lord, was like standing before an ancient tree itself, he was old, even by elf standards. His skin itself was so creased with lines of age that it resembled the bark of a tree, white hair fell to his knees and a beard to his waist. A staff to stood beside his seat.
He stared hard at Andy with deep eyes, as Andy looked into them they seemed to go on for eternity seeing all that could ever be seen.
“So one has finally come, for the debt, to be repaid,” He said calmly. “ I was there when it was made, at the time a young thing of merely 200, but none who were there are alive now apart from me, all dying of old age, such is the beauty of mortal men.” He smiled.
“What do you ask of us, for I remember well, the pact sealed with this bodies own blood was whatever you should ask for, would be repaid.”
Andy opened the two bags and laid the sword, the staff and the orb on the grass.
“By the vow you yourself made with thy own flesh, to take these items and forge a weapon so great that it shall require the blessing of the entire nation, before it shall be used, shall the weapon be so great.” Andy said humbly.
“And what shall these be bound with?” asked the wise old elf, knowing already the answer.
“With a small amount of the very material the debt was made for.” Andy said with a smile.
“Please rest.” The wise elf said. Elves rushed over and picked up the items with great care before disappearing with them.

Having stayed in this magical place for three days now, resting his tired body Andy felt better then he had for years, his search had been long and weary.
The great old elf came forward using his staff, while in his other hand he carried a great metal staff which shined with an inner light.
“Made by the best blacksmiths of my realm,” he whispered as he handed it over with the greatest care.
The blade of the sword had been taken and the hilt had been removed with great skill, it was joined in a lattice of crystal, which held the orb of Anelexia, and the crystal carried on and joined this to the staff of Agra gar, the crystal running around it like a snake, twining these three items of power into the greatest force ever created. The crystal ore, had never been used correctly in the White realm, only this small group of master elf blacksmiths knowing how to prepare it properly into a material resembling the most fabulous silver although it was stronger than the mountains themselves.
“Thank you my lord, I relinquish your debt, you owe nought to the white realm any longer, may you continue to live as mightily as ever. Also fear not, the only record of how to get into this place shall die with me. The book has been destroyed. These were the wishes of my lord, Sunnycool,” Andy bowed low, the last man to see the eldest of elves.
The lord smiled, at peace.

Andy walked out and boarded the ship back to Ortin. On arriving he raced on Valkar, to the White City. Andy burst through the gates and flew along the streets, the sight of him a mere black flash to the people of the city and the white soldiers.
He strode through the halls, and walked into the throne room, the Lord had been in a meeting with Ariakas. They both stared in shock at the scarred, dirty, figure before them who dropped to his knee before Sunnycool and laid the staff across his hands, waiting for the Lord to do something, anything. Ariakas stared in shock. So did Sunnycool before gently taking the staff and then he himself got to his knees and placed his hand on Andy’s shoulder and said, “Thank you my friend.”

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