The Warmaster

The Warmaster


The Warmaster is a short story about the final conflicts between the White Realm and the Black Domain. It centres around Ariakas, General of the White Realm. At the time of this story, Ariakas and his men have just destroyed the Enemy's reinforcements and supplies. He is riding back to his city to assist his Countrymen in the great battle before its gates. He is, however, ambushed by Native men, and delayed. He eventually reaches the battle, but is it too late?

The Characters of the Warmaster

Ariakas: A general of the White Realm and most trusted servant of Lord Sunnycool, the Lord of the White Realm.

Lord Sunnycool: Lord of the White Realm.

William: Lieutenant of Ariakas and leader of the Heavy Cavalry.

Branalbinn: General of the White Realm and Captain of the light Cavalry.

Alexander: Banner-Bearer of Ariakas and Captain of the Axemen of Glory.

Locky: General of the White Realm and Chief of the City's Defences.

Apollo: Captain of the City's Defences.

The Tale of Ariakas- The Warmaster

Chapter One: The Warmaster

Ariakas, General, Champion, Warmaster. A few titles of a veteran of over 100 campaigns, and 1000 victories.

He stood observing his army. 2,000 men strong. The best Swordsmen in all of the White Realm served under him. The most accurate Archers and the most skilful Horse Riders in all the land are led into Battle by him.

Ariakas was strongly built. He was over 6 feet in height – truly massive in appearance. He wore quality attire; a deep velvet tunic made by the most skilful tailors. Over it, he wore Armour of the finest quality, and his sword was forged by the best Blacksmiths.

He mounted his steed, and looked around. Everyone of his men had prepared their armour, gathered their weapons, sharpened their swords, and now they sat in silence, patiently on the backs of their Horses. They were waiting for his call.
Ariakas looked at his Lieutenant, William.
Ariakas gave him a nod, and rode off.
William punched the air with his hand.
“To War!” he cried as he galloped after his General “To Death!” With a mighty shout the Men followed him, eager to reach Battle.

Chapter Two: A Possible Failure

Lord Sunnycool sat on his Throne, deep in thought. A man dressed in the armour of a Royal Guard entered the Throne Room.
“My Lord” said Apollo, Captain of the City’s Defences “The battle is going ill. We have sent as many reinforcements as we could, but they are too few in number. General Locky has made a last stand at…”
“Locky?” interrupted Lord Sunnycool, rising to his feet. “Where is Ariakas?”
“He was not with the army, My Lord” replied Apollo “He and his regiments were engaging the enemy reinforcements, the last we heard. But he was heavily outnumbered; he might of lost his life, and his army may have been destroyed”
They both stood in silence for a brief moment. Finally, Lord Sunnycool spoke.
“Ariakas was, and is, one of my finest Generals. He commands 2,000 of the finest troops this Realm has to offer! If I know Ariakas, which I do, he will be riding at full gallop to assist his Countrymen!” he said calmly. Apollo did not respond – he simply bowed graciously, and went to leave the Throne Room.
“Apollo, wait” said Lord Sunnycool “Send as many men as we can spare to Locky. There is a slight possibility that Ariakas may have failed” he added with deep regret. Apollo bowed once more, and left the Throne Room. Lord Sunnycool sat down on his Throne, thinking about what could of happened to Ariakas. Lord Sunnycool had never doubted Ariakas before, but, as to all things, there always would be a first time.

Chapter Three: Ambush!

Ariakas rode at the front of the column of troops. His eyes seemed focused on what was ahead. He was determined to help his countrymen, his friends. His Horse halted. He raised a fist, ordering for his men to stop. They ceased moving and all was silent. No sign of Wildlife, or song of bird. ‘Very unusual for a Spring Afternoon’ thought Ariakas. William cautiously moved towards his General.
“What is it, M’Lord?” he whispered.
“Archers. There are Archers in the hills. It seems the Natives don’t want us to take this route” answered Ariakas. Before William could open his mouth to speak, he fell dead on the floor; for an arrow had pierced his Heart. 4 more Warriors fell to arrows before Ariakas shouted out “Slay me with arrows! I shall pass into the other world happy in the fact my foe would not challenge me in a fairer contest!”
His words inspired his warriors, as they banged their Lances against their Shields. Marching forward to this steady drum beat, the Warriors spotted a man standing on a rock. Ariakas noticed this also. He was tall, strongly built and well armed, although he wore no Armour. He cried fiercely as hundreds of Native warriors began to charge down the steep slope. Several of Ariakas’ warriors began to charge at them.
“Hold your positions! The momentum from their charge from down that hill alone would kill you, let alone a strike from a blade!” commanded Ariakas “Form a shield wall. Have a rank of Archers and Pikemen in support. Keep the light cavalry behind if any try to break through. Keep the Heavy Cavalry and the Archers in reserve”. Everyone broke into their respective regiments from their Ranks.

The Native Men charged down the hill, into the shield wall. The sheer strength of Ariakas’ men forced the Natives back, despite the power of their charge. The Warriors rose from behind their shields and cut at the Natives. Ariakas jumped off his horse and cut two native men down as he did so. He savagely cut, slashed and hammered his opponents, yet it comprised of fluid, linked movements and graceful martial discipline. He was a whirlwind of destruction, and you would have to be foolishly-brave to engage him in combat, or bravely-foolish.

Several of the more experienced fighters of the native men had cut through the tight ranks of the White Realm’s Warriors, and had begun assaulting the Light Cavalry. Their leader, Branalbinn was about to be attacked from behind by the Native Chieftain, and several of the company had already fallen to the large hammer he wielded.

Ariakas saw that Branalbinn was about to be killed. In one solid movement, he slashed at one unfortunate individual, and in the same move, threw a dagger at the chest of the Chieftain, which pierced his lung. Enraged by Ariakas’ actions, the Chieftain charged Ariakas, and picked him up by the throat! He was inhumanly strong, maybe even stronger than Ariakas. Ariakas dropped his sword, and the grip of the Chieftain was so tight, it felt as if he was about to pull out his voice box. Ariakas noticed that the dagger was still embedded in the Chieftain’s lung. He pulled it out, and quickly stabbed the Chieftain in the head. Instantly dead, the Chieftain fell limp on the floor. Ariakas fell to the floor, desperately trying to breathe.

Clutching his throat, Ariakas inspected the battle. Only a mere handful of the Natives now lived, as they were cut down one-by-one with horrific ease by Ariakas’ men. Nearly 500, Ariakas guessed, had been killed in less than an hour. The remaining Natives had surrendered, and many had committed suicide. Branalbinn approached him.
“Thank you for saving me My Lord” he said gratefully.
“No problem” Ariakas said with a great difficulty. Alexander, Bearer of Ariakas’ banner had walked up to them, with a grovelling Native Elder crawling before him.
“Oh, great Lord, have mercy upon us! Have mercy” he said, kneeling in front of Ariakas.
“He was hiding in the cave. Over there, My Lord” said Alexander, pointing at a small cave in the cliff face.
“Have mercy oh great General, have mercy!” pleaded the Elder
“I am a merciful man. Much more merciful than your leader would have been to me” said Ariakas
“Noble Lord, I will pledge myself in your service. Spare our lives and we will fight alongside you!” he said.
Ariakas looked into the Elder’s eyes.
“You will assist us. However, you travel alongside me. Have your men join Branalbinn’s regiment. He will see fit what to do with you”. Said Ariakas.
“Thank you” said the Elder, climbing to his feet.
“Its more out of pity than mercy, believe me” Ariakas said, as he mounted his horse. “Come! We must make time, for we have been delayed!”
He rode away, and the army followed. Branalbinn turned to the Native Elder.
“You do know how to ride a Horse, right?” he question. The Elder merely smiled as the sat upon the back of his Mount.

Chapter Four:Before the Gates of the White City

Branalbinn and Ariakas rode at the hem of the column. They were deep in conversation as they gently galloped. They conversed about the edgy alliance between themselves and the Natives.
“I do not trust them” Ariakas told Branalbinn.
“Neither do I” replied Branalbinn “But we can use them as scouts. Or as Archers.”
“But I do not wish to take advantage of them” sighed Ariakas.
“It seems your pity for them has clouded your judgement, old friend.” Said Branalbinn. Ariakas looked at him. “Well, a little” answered Branalbinn. Ariakas laughed.
“Do what you wish with them! They are part of your company now!”, As he rode off ahead, Ariakas Laughed. Branalbinn laughed himself as Alexander approached him.
“Captain, we are an Hours ride from battle” he informed
“Men of the White Realm, Charge!!!” shouted Branalbinn, as he and Ariakas broke into a gallop.

After an hour of solid riding, Ariakas, Branalbinn, Alexander and their men reached the battle. The tides of fate were against them, as many men loyal to the White Realm had been killed and hundreds of others had surrendered.
Ariakas took up his lance and shouted “Men of the White Realm! Your countrymen are dying! Your friends are dying! Selling their lives, so that others might live! If this is to be our end, let us make an end that will be ever-remembered by History it’s self! Sally Forth!”

As 2,000 of Ariakas’ troops charged towards the enemy, his banner of a Steel crown on a field of gold billowed fiercely in the wind. With great power, he and his men smashed through the Beasts’ formation. 10,000 Beasts stood between Ariakas and General Locky, but, despite this, he was not about to give up! He threw his lance with such power that it skewered a Beast, and knocked it to the ground! The sight of the Cavalry gave the Men heart, and they fought on against the odds.

The Heavy Cavalry proved why they were the Pride of the White Realm, destroying anything that stood in their path. The Archers let loose volley after volley, one-by-one, Beasts fell motionless to the ground. Hundreds, thousands even had been killed by the devastating cavalry charge.

Alexander turned back, away from the battle. Many thought he had fled, but how wrong were they. He rode back up the hill which he and 2,000 other Knights had just charged down. He took up the Banner of Ariakas, and embedded it in the ground. Now billowing proudly in the strong wind, the Banner was a sight welcomed by many within the City’s defences. This would be the final conflict. Alexander took up a black horn, gave a fierce blow. Suddenly behind him, 1,000 Native men who had been rounded up by the Elder were mounted on Horses behind him. With another fierce blow of the Horn, began to charge down the hill once again. The Native Archers let loose arrow after arrow, slaying hundreds of Beasts.

Alexander crashed through the ranks of enemy infantry, straight towards General Locky. Forming a shield of Natives around the General’s surviving men. The line of Horsemen pushed out, causing the Beasts to fall back. They were now in a meat grinder. Ariakas and 2,000 of the finest Warriors were pressing against them, away from the City, whilst Alexander and the Natives pushed them the opposite way. They were now trapped, and their only option was to fight.

Branalbinn and the Light Cavalry remained stationary on the hill, giving cover to the Archers. The Beasts thought that the Archers were unprotected, and began to charge at them. But the Archers pulled back, as Branalbinn and 100 Light Cavalry smashed into them. With their formations broken, the Beasts were in utter chaos.

But all of a sudden, a voice broke out.

“End this war now!” Thousands of Beast and Human faces turned to see Ariakas standing in the centre of the Carnage. His words had pierced not only the hearts of Men, but the Black Hearted Beasts as well. “No one else has to die! Save one person. Pit your General against me! Let us end this War with a fight to the Death between Generals. If I win, you will leave this land, or be destroyed”. Ariakas signalled to Some Archers upon the City walls. Lord Sunnycool and Sir Apollo were amongst them. “If I lose, then this land, this City is yours!”

Everyone was shocked by these words, as Ariakas put his helm on.
“Ariakas! Stop now! You’ll be the end of us all!” shouted Lord Sunnycool.
“I’m sorry My King” muttered Ariakas. The Beast General appeared. He moved through the Enemy ranks to come face to face with Ariakas.

“History will remember the day that the mighty Ariakas was beaten. This will be a short battle, you soon see” snarled the Beastlord
“Yes.” Said Ariakas “I believe you’re right. It will be a short battle.”

Ariakas unsheathed his sword and attacked the Beastlord. He cut him across the face. Enraged by Ariakas’ actions, the Beastlord attacked Ariakas. Crouching behind his shield, Ariakas timed the blows. At the right moment, he quickly lunged his sword into the Beastlord’s neck. Snarling in pain, The Beastlord punched Ariakas. He was knocked flat on the floor. As the Beastlord raised his axe to deliver the final blow, Ariakas reached for a broken Spear, and embedded it in the chest of the Beastlord. Pushing the Beastlord back against the wall of the Watchtower, he took his sword from it’s neck and beheaded the foul creature.

“Now, leave these Lands! You accepted my Challenge! Now Leave!” boomed Ariakas
“We will return to our Domains” said a Beast Captain
“No more war” said Ariakas
“If any Beast of our Domain enters your realm, may his heart be damned” he said. Ariakas simply nodded as he mounted his horse once again.

And Ariakas rode back to the White City alone on his horse, and before the Great Gates of the City itself, he received a Hero’s welcome.

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