Two Knights

In the middle of battle square two great knights, armed with but a single sword and without armour, stared at each other, a look of intense concentration on both their faces. Suddenly without warning both the warriors struck, there was an incredibly loud clang and a shower of sparks surrounded the two combatants. The crowd that had gathered to witness this honour duel held their breaths, but the warriors stood firm. Even though the sun was beginning to set rivulets of sweat ran down each mans face but both were untouched by the others blade. Sir Fubar crouched down low, his strong physique and facial features somehow making him seem wolfish as he twirled his broad sword in a small circle. Sir Huggyfrog on the other hand stood straight and proper, his long sword clenched in front of his body, ready to counter any possible attack. With a low growl, Fubar launched himself at Huggyfrog, their swords rang and the warriors continued their battle, to many spectators it almost seemed to be choreographed, so skilled were two warriors. These knights of the realm had been fighting since dawn-break and although having neither eaten nor rested both still fought with great ferocity, skill and cunning. This duel was a matter of honour for both men, while they had fought in many wars and had spent much time together as friends they had both commented most disrespectfully about the other mans men they commanded, their choice in women, their beliefs and the size of their sexual organs. The two men circled around each other, their clothes now drenched in sweat, Fubar had a look of animal ferocity in his eyes while Huggyfrog let of an air of controlled rage. They struck again, and once more the two men continued their deadly dance of parry, riposte, thrust and cut. All of a sudden, Fubar seemed to stumble, Huggyfrog closed in to make the decisive attack and Fubar lunged up at him, cutting through his linen shirt and just managed to make a small cut on his chest with a slash of broadsword. Fubar threw his sword to one side and spoke to Huggyfrog
“First blood to me, looks like I win!”
Huggyfrog smiled and pointed to Fubars chest “Are you sure?”
“Aaah shit!” Fubar growled as he looked down and saw a small cut just below his chest.
Both men stared at each other once again and then both exploded into laughter.
“I guess it’s a draw then?” said Fubar through the laughter
“Not Even!” answered Huggyfrog with a slap to Fubars back
“You want to do this again then?”
“… Okay it’s a draw!”
The crowd cheered as they watched their champions almost fall over with laughter.

The two men were still chuckling as they walked into the Black Templar Inn near the Hammer of War Manor. They were met with many offers of Ale from the locals, but these were silenced when Huggyfrog told the crowd
“To thank you for your kind words and coming out to watch us try to kill each other, Sir Fubar here will be buying you all a round on the house, as he owns this place anyway!”
This was met from a cheer from the crowd and a slap over the head form Fubar. They managed to find seats at a table and the barman Elvis walked over to their table
“The regular, my lords?”
“Yes thanks Elvis” replied Fubar
“I’ll have to go outside to get your special brew Sir Fubar”
“Quite alright, ill make sure nothing goes crazier than normal in here”
As Elvis walked out the door, Huggyfrog muttered “That guy still think he can sing?”
“Yeah, you should see him sometimes, he gets up on a table and calls himself the ‘King of Rock’”
“He’s nuts, who would want to rule a few rocks”
Unfortunately their conversation was cut short by the return of Elvis who heralded his arrival with a great “THE KING HAS ARRIVED!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH”
“Shut it you drunken Skunk!” yelled out Fubar “and bring me over my Drink”
Elvis staggered over to their table and put a bottle of thick, black alcohol on the table.
“want any?” asked Sir Fubar as he poured the liquid into a small glass
“No thanks” replied Huggyfrog “ill stick with ale”
“Good, more for myself!” he growled back as he lit the liquid with the candle on his table and drank the hot alcohol.
Huggyfrog called for the barmaid and got an ale, as well as her name and her address.
They continued in this manner for a little over half an hour, two friends remembering good times, before two more Knights walked into the Inn. Sir Branalbinn and Sir Ariakas pulled up seats around their table and the topic changed to more serious matters.
“I hear that Dylan has returned” said Sir Fubar
“That is correct, but he is a changed man, he has learned much from his exile” replied Ariakas
“ Is it not strange, that Sir Rabble should be exiled when Sir Dylan has only just rejoined us?” Said Huggy
“Aaah yes Lord Sunnycool’s Sceptre of the Lord did swing swiftly, but he was justified in doing so, he had broken the laws of the land and did mercilessly flame my Princess” Answered Branilbinn with a hint of malice.
Suddenly the honoured squire Hewer, He ran to their table with a parchment “Lords, I have a message for you! An army of what seems to be giant lizards is marching from beyond the forest of fright”
Ariakas, who had learnt much from a dwarf traveller by the name of white, said “Lizardmen and their Spam Gods. They could be a great threat.”
“They are probably an advance party however” replied Sir Fubar “If we can destroy them decisively we may be able to scare them away from attacking us again.”
“I will accompany my Fire Warrior Archers to deal with them” said Huggyfrog
“And my White Wolves will be with you every step of the way” Growled Fubar and slapped his friends hand and clasping it, in their sign of friendship.
“ Excellent” Smiled Ariakas “I am sure we will find another general who will accompany you with our main forces”
However their important conversation had just been spoiled as a cheer rose from the crowd now in the inn, as the barkeeper Elvis jumped up on to a table and started singing “Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,In the lane, snow is glistening,A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight,Walkin' in a winter wonderland!”

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