The White Realm

The White Realm is one of the biggest kingdoms in the continent and is ruled by Lord Sunnycool and the White Counsil. The Realm is split up in 8 counties and is a strong land with solid economy and military as well as well-developed culture, architecture and art.

The Realm has fought several large-scale wars - against the Beasts in the Beast Wars and against Weissland during the White War amongst others.

Bellow is the map of the White Realm.


Short county-descriptions:

Capital County The White City mainly. Borders to south at river Ell (northern part of the river), the Silverstream, the Mountains of Glory and the River Niconf.

Glorious County: The Mountains and Gate of Glory.

Ellianith County: The land, circled by the River Ell, including the Spider Forest.

Northern County: North of the Niconf river. Borders to west at Hill of Honesty and to the east at Tau-Tau and Forest of Fright.

Zealous County: Everything west of the Capital County and Northern County. Borders at the Joypad Tower and the southern part of river Niconf (south og Milliath Moutnains)

**Southern County**: Anything south of Zealous County and Ellian County. Borders to the eat at the Silverstream.

**Mjolnir County**: Anything between the Silverstream and the Echoing River. Northern border is the Glorious County at the Gates of Glory. The bay of Ortin is a part of the County.

Eastern County: The piece of land east of the Echoing River and south of the Eastern Range. Including the Empire of the East.

Shiverland County: "The Shiverland" - east of the Echoing River and Tau Tau as well as north of the Eastern Range!

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