White Realm Command Structure


Lord of the Realm
High Council
White Council
Counts and Countesses

Lord Sunnycool - Lord of the Realm and Supreme Commander of the White Realm Armed Forces.

Ariakas – Loremaster and Second-in-command. In case of serious injury, sickness or death of the Lord, Ariakas will assume leadership of the Realm.

High Councillors (this has nothing to do with the “mod/admin” rank in the forum). These are the closest councillors to the Lord. They do not necessarily have more power than other Knights and Ladies, but in times of crisis or other need, the Lord will consult with them before drawing other members of the White Council. They are councillors however, and the Lord still has ultimate power:


Common issues, handled by the High Council: Secret affairs that should remain unknown to the rest of the White Counsil and Realm, specific war issues, espionage affairs.

The White Counsil(Gathering of all Knights and Ladies – meaning all real life members of the White Counsil – where important and less important things are discussed. This is a democratic establishment in most cases, but the Lord is not bound by the White Counsil’s decisions).

Common issues handled by the White Counsil:
New laws, war declarations, decisions for all of the Realm regarding economy, trading, infrastructure and military.

Counts and Countesses (These are the rulers of the different Counties. Their power is limited, although administrative and certain diplomatic issues are handled by the respective counts:

Captial County: Apollo (he has even more limited power than other counts, as the Lord handles most problems in the Capital County)
Ell: Sir Akatosh
Zealous County: Berenrath
Southern County: Caitlin
Mjolnir County: Ariakas
Shiverland: Vacant spot for the moment. (The seat has almost no power, as Videous really is in charge of Shiverland, although not officially recognized by the Realm.)
Glorious County: Sir Deldrimor (the replacement for Almirith, who has recently fallen in combat.)
Eastern Empire: Sebastian The East
Northern County: Sir Wuzzaa

Common issues handled by the counts in their respective courts within their respective counties:
Taxes, economy, trading, infrastructure, county-ruled military organizations (such as the Eastern Guard in the Eastern Empire and the Zealots in Zealous Conty). The Lord can overrule all of these decisions.


Military Branches and their supreme commanders:

The White Army (Lachlan)

  • Great Barracks Army (Sir Githburg)
  • Champions (Akatosh)
    • White City Army (Lachlan)
      • Council Guard (Lachlan)
      • Citadel Guard (Apollo)
  • The White Navy (Sir Jack)
    • The River Service
  • Mjolnir Armed Forces (Ariakas)
    • Warriors of Mjolnir (Ariakas)
  • Brannalbinn’s Guard (Brannalbinn)
  • Wolf Company (Fubarbundy)
  • County Armed Forces (Each county has a respective commander)

NOTE: The different sub-brances of e.g. the White Army are not the only parts of the White Army. Apart from those, there are still the thousands of soldiers, spread around the Realm in their different garrisons. The County Armed Forces are merely tasked with city defenses – the rest is left to the White Army as well.

A further note is that under normal circumstances a soldier can not aspire to a higher rank in another branch. Thus, a Lieutenant of Mjolnir can not aspire to be a General of the Citadel Guard.

Another note is that the Wolf Company and Brannalbinn’s Guard are semi-independent and they take orders only from the Lord or other High Councillors. The Northern County Count has no power over Fubarbundy’s company for instance.
Other much less elite, intra-county-military-organizations (ICMO) are commanded by their respective Counts/Countesses. Example: “Eastern Guard”, “Zealots”, “Joypad Order”.

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