Xerton And Valentinienburg

Count Xerton is the only person close to a governor of the Ancient Domains of Mystery. The Domains are not a nation, kingdom or faction, but Count Xerton is the ruler of its biggest known city - Valentinienburg - and is the supreme commander of Valentinienburg's small army, consisting of about 3000 men.

Xerton is a reserved man, stearing Valentienburg and the surrounding land away from close relations with foreign powers. It is known that Xerton led his army against a crushing defeat during a Beast invasion of the Domains. About half of Valentinienburg's population was killed in the battle. Mysterious events were the reason that the Beast army withdrew from the doorstep of Valentinienburg.

Some rumours say that Xerton sold his soul to an evil sorcerer in exchange for the surival of his city.

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